This just in…Don Sterling sent to death row…developing…

In a move that is widely viewed as days overdue, it’s been reported that Don Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA professional basketball team, has been remanded to San Quentin prison to be summarily executed.

For those of my readers not from the USA , you can catch up on the story here, but basically, a few days ago Mr. Sterling made some repulsive racist remarks about blacks to his girlfriend, which she recorded, unbeknownst to him, as girlfriends do, and released to the press, as girlfriends also do. The Commissioner of the NBA immediately issued a lifetime ban on Mr. Sterling, stating he can no longer have any contact with his team. In addition, he was fined 2.5 million dollars, which if you’re keeping track, comes out to about 1.25 million dollars per insult. While the commissioner does not have the power to make him sell the team, the other owners in the league do have that power and are expected to do just that.

Having been excoriated by everyone in the country except John Kerry, who was relieved to have his “apartheid remark” scandal sent to page two, Mr. Sterling then suffered the ultimate indignity when he was told he was also banned for life by the famous Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada. Citing the frequent “visits” to the ranch by the very NBA players he insulted and the ranch’s dedication to screwing people one way or another, the brothel felt it should support their clients by banning Mr. Sterling from the premises.

But the story doesn’t end there. Referring to the comments as “beyond egregious” and ignoring all his Constitutional rights, such as right to privacy, freedom of speech, and investigation into evidence, the 9th District Federal Court of California has decided Mr. Sterling should not be banned for life but rather, banned from life. Hence the quick decision to have him executed before he says anything else offensive to the players to whom he pays millions and millions of dollars.

When reached for comment about his impending execution, his wife, sporting a kind of “deer in the headlights” look, responded; “he has a girlfriend?”


Don Sterling and his girlfriend at a recent game, just before she excused herself so she could  “text a friend.”

21 thoughts on “This just in…Don Sterling sent to death row…developing…

  1. This whole story (and others like it) shows to me how America has put a thin veneer over the issue of racism. He (and others of late) have only said what too many people are still thinking. We’re still an incredibly racist society. The big hoopla comes when when a rich dude gets caught saying what’s on his mind while flaunting his mistress in public and she tapes him. Maybe her smart phone was smarter than she was and she accidentally turned on the recording function…nah. Probably not. Maybe if she was blonde… 😉

    • This is a victim-less event. This society has jumped past politically correct and gone straight to censorship.

      If these players are really so upset about a private conversation that was racist in tone (like that’s never happened before) then show it by not playing and not collecting your millions. Then I’ll believe you are truly offended.

  2. Words fail me…which is rare as you know Al. All aspects of this story are so unsavoury, just ‘yuk’. Money buys everything for him, but not grace (nor liberty, but I have a feeling this is not yet played out!) 🙂

    • I was just wondering why his wife has put up with the openness of his affair. Couldn’t be the money could it? Naaahhhh.

  3. This story has even filtered through to the UK and is disturbing on several levels: the racist remarks are highly unpalatable, taking a girl-friend to a football game while your wife remains at home, presumably supervising the vacuuming, is unpalatable, having a girl friend while you have a wife is unpalatable, having a girl-friend who rats on is unpalatable. In fact there seems to be very little about the story which is palatable. Mind you, I’m just going to check my living room for hidden microphones lest her indoors records remarks I make while she is out, such as, “I wish she wouldn’t keep buying this awful bread” or “Oh god, she’s invited the Jones’s over to dinner again, and I don’t know whether I shall now die of boredom before the food poisoning gets me”. Such remarks might not find themselves into a newspaper of any circulation whatsoever, but they would certainly land me in some fairly hot water without a paddle, if I’m not confusing my metaphors. Oh Oh, I can hear the sound of latch-keys: better be off

    • That’s the problem, Cindy. Since Obama took office, issues are never discussed on their own merit. As soon as something happens that the left doesn’t like, the hue and cry of racism is heralded and the point, which is constitutional rights, is lost. It doesn’t matter that both these guys are cultural scumbags, their opinions are protected by the first amendment. We are quickly moving from “political correctness” to outright Fascism.where people with dissenting opinions are “done away with.”

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