This just in….cure found for tingle in Chris Matthews’ leg….developing.

I strongly suggest you first read this prior post. It will help greatly in understanding the significance of this news.

For those of you who don’t believe in medical miracles, chew on this. Apparently, after nearly six years of suffering from a cruel affliction called LSFO, or to be more medically precise, Liberosocialisticfawnitisobamanosis Syndrome, Chris Matthews, MSNBC anchor, has found a cure. And it was right in front of him the whole time. Using critical thinking for the very first time after learning about something President Obama did, Matthews suddenly realized the tingling up and down his leg was gone.

As might be expected with such an extended illness, a few minutes later the persistent tingling started to reappear. At that point, Matthews vocalized his displeasure with Obama’s recent prisoner exchange and voila’, the tingle was gone again.

Whether this is just a temporary remission or a true and final cure. Is anyone’s guess. My personal prognostication is the syndrome will return the first time someone reminds him that Joe Biden is just a proverbial “heartbeat away.”


“The tingle. It’s gone!!”

14 thoughts on “This just in….cure found for tingle in Chris Matthews’ leg….developing.

  1. I hope you are not offended. I think your dog was named Katherine the Great. I totally forgot. We will call our cat Kitty anyway. I was looking for a name with a cat in it. David hears the name Katherine and thinks of the Russian Czarina. He’s half Russian you know. How’s that for twisted logic?

  2. PS we stopped watching what’s’ is name the day he got that tingle.

    You might enjoy this…when I had the procedure at the hospital earlier this week, the woman who helped me into my “gown” and brought me the TV control can even watch Fox if you want to.

    Why do you say that, I asked her? Because of what you said in the waiting room.

    Oh, you mean “We used to shoot deserters?”

  3. O and the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. What do folks expect when they elect a Senator? I’m only voting for Governors from now on…if they haven’t spent time in jail. A little time spent managing Rhode Island might prepare you for something more challenging.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Case in point…Sarah Palin was skewered as a VP candidate, but she had immense executive experience over Biden who was only a wishy-washy Senator. Now, based on the circus performance we have seen from Biden, who is the fool now?

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