Time to dispel a myth………


OK, I’ve heard enough. Time and time again I hear women talking about how men these days are not goal oriented or don’t have any direction in life.

Possibly, but to be fair, one has to consider this: since feminism and the push for equality of the sexes arrived on the scene, we men have had a bit of problem defining our role in all this. If we act like gentlemen and open doors and compliment women on their looks, we’re sexist. If we ignore them and do our own guy thing without concern for them, we’re “Neanderthals.” If we criticize them, or suggest we might be able to do something better, we’re misogynists.

But I submit there is no foundation for this attitude that men are not serious anymore and are interested only in frivolous things. Men are the very quintessence of drive and creativity. We have elevated the idea of teamwork and accomplishment to an art form. Witness the beauty and inventiveness of these nine industrious men at this link and then tell me if you still think men have “lost their way”!

15 thoughts on “Time to dispel a myth………

  1. Cool down, Al. Not all women feel one way about men. It’s just as sexist for women to say “All men are ____ or ____” as to say “All women are _____ or _____.” Lumping every person in a category based on their sex is plain wrong.

    There are difference between males and females, but those differences don’t make one sex better than the other. People should hold the door open for someone behind them regardless of who they are. I agree that some women are hyper-sensitive to male behavior or comments as some men are stuck in denigrating women no matter the circumstance. But I choose not to assume all women or men behave in ways that a minority of them do. They give us all a bad reputation!

    It’s always better to treat people as individuals and ascribe to them the wide variety of talents and flaws possible in human beings. (End of sociology lecture…) 😉

    • This must be a case of “you can take the sociologist professor out of the classroom but you can’t take the sociologist out of the professor” because I know you know me better. I hardly have a serious bone in my body. This is just another in my long line of tongue-in-cheek “complaint blogs” just to get a rise or a few laughs out of the womenfolk. And after all we been though together too….I’m crushed. Still love you though!

  2. Sex has little to do with anything. Just when I think all men are jerks (not using Neanderthal as they were not what most folks think), some guy comes along and opens a door for you. I open doors for anyone behind me. It’s not a guy thing.

    (Those IS guys are the worst kind of barbarians…and sexist pigs too! However, they are well organized and cooperative too when they gang rape.)

    David is always surprised by the women who come to his assistance. Kindness, consideration of others…that’s what matters.

  3. OK, teamwork, co-ordination and a joy in the simple things. Your point is well- made and putted. Nothing underlined the dignity which is the essence of modern man more than their understated celebration. Altogether a lesson in the benefits of community and common purpose to achieve a noble end.

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