This just in……..teacher adds fourth “r” to curriculum.

With all the hub-bub over the “Common Core” teaching method these days, lost in the shuffle is the dedication of teachers who are trying give a whole new meaning to “higher education”.

In an attempt to raise the bar of education or at the very least “keep the bar open”, one teacher has taken the initiative and added an additional “r” to the old school “readin’, ‘ritin” and ‘rithmatic”. Yes, you can now add “rehabin” to the list. Not content with teaching just the basics to today’s youngsters, this teacher has decided that life’s experiences are the best way to get a point across.

Realizing that a certain percentage of her charges will grow up to face addiction issues, this avant-garde educator decided that showing up drunk for class would leave a lasting impression of the perils of addiction that the students would not soon forget.

This progressive pedagogue gave her class a “whiff” of what it’s like to be an alcoholic. Arriving drunk on the first day of class was brilliant in its own right, but the fact that she showed up not wearing any pants was a touch of genius. Sort of a “show and tell” approach you might say

Law enforcement, not nearly as cutting edge as our heroine, arrested her for drunk and disorderly and public lewdness, which only punctuated the lesson that she so cleverly prepared. And here we thought today’s Common Core curriculum would be boring.


Teacher Lorie Hill’s school identification badge.

16 thoughts on “This just in……..teacher adds fourth “r” to curriculum.

  1. Oh, heavens, is this possible? Yuck!!! Hope she doesn’t have tenure and hope she does go into treatment…… where did this happen? Sad for all involved.

  2. The good news is that her union was able to successfully defend her rights against the evil administration who wanted to fire her. Instead, they agreed on a paid administrative leave for 6 months, with full benefits, so she can get the help she so desperately needs.

    • Failing that, there’s always the “abuse excuse” to fall back on. Everyone needs that ace in the hole to avoid responsibility.

      Rick Perry tried to hold an alcoholic responsible for her actions and look where it got him.

  3. I’d say that this was all a bit tough to swallow, but I know from experience that it’s not only shop teacher that get hammered. When I was doing my undergrad work, I had at least two profs show up drunk on a regular basis. The poor old guys had a real problem and I didn’t learn much from them except for how to avoid eye contact with them. On the bright side, I got A’s in both classes. But an unfortunate classmate who got into a car accident mid-semester and never showed up for class the last two months got a B…

    Now those were the days when I was still drinking, but at least I knew enough to show up to class sober! 😉

  4. On the ball as always and as delightful as ever, our very own ‘pants wearing’ reporter Al hot on the trail of the latest ‘shining’ example for our youth… ❤ xXx

  5. Our on-the-spot reporter, Big Al is always on the job. He never sleeps, lest he miss those timely tidbits that tickle our fancy. Please get an interview with her class, I’d love to know what effect this life lesson had on them.

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