A year in review……..

You see, there’s this fellow named Hood
Who wondered if maybe he should
Write a limerick he shared
How in ’14 he fared
Then finally decided he would.

Now the year was kind to this lad
Scant few of his moments were bad
Good times galore
Was what he had in store
And for this he was happy and glad.

The fact he’d be getting more lean
Was one thing he hadn’t foreseen
And in spite of the wine
His health was just fine
In the year of twenty-fourteen.

When his dog died he lost his best friend
But he knew this grief he’d transcend
He got a new pup
To keep spirits up
So it’s worked out okay in the end.

His good fortune continues to thrive
Anything better he couldn’t derive
His family has flourished
Which keeps his soul nourished
He’s so thankful to still be alive.

So with this message in rhyme
Which I write at this juncture in time
I wish all you the best
And whatever your quest
May your New Year be truly sublime!

About Al

Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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30 Responses to A year in review……..

  1. I meant to say, I like your new selfie photo. Came over here to see if I could find a version big enough to make sure its really you….

  2. A triumph in verse as I would expect, and I’m glad 2014 was a good year overall for you. I’m sure 2015 will be more of the same and a bit better. Thank you for your support and friendship over the last twelve months from all at Countingducks International Corp

  3. Steve Foster says:

    I just read a post in the mail from a gent with a wonderful tale a wonderful tome from a guy from back home Jersey boys always prevail

  4. pegoleg says:

    Love it when you go all limerick about the place. May 2015 be even more fabulous and rich in blessings for you and your family, Al.

  5. Marcia says:

    You never cease to amaze……… Having had only one cup of coffee this am, my writing a limerick of any sort seems impossible…… More coffee and I will no doubt still feel that way….kudos to you Albert! Much love and see you in the new year to you, Patty, Sadie, and Bella, plus a ” we won’t ever forget you ” for the Queen….. XXXXXX, Marcia

    • Al says:

      We are really looking forward to seeing you and Rob again soon. Hope your football party was a success in spite of the result. Love back… from me and the 3 girls (and a wink from Queenie, I’m sure).

  6. Grannymar says:

    Happy New year to you and Patty. May 2015 bring contentment, good health and a good helping of fun through your door on a daily basis.

  7. pattisj says:

    See what you can do when you apply yourself? Quite a fun limerick, and you summed up your year quite well! Happy New Year!

  8. Margie says:

    Do tell about wine and losing weight. Is this one of those “Weird old tips for losing belly fat”?

  9. And back at you. One of my granddaughters who has been living with her Mom is moving out to live with her old high school bf. Last I heard he left the Air Force academy. But that was then. Hopefully he got himself together. To console herself, my daughter got a new puppy, a German Shepherd. She says dogs are her new children. I think I am developing puppy fever again. My neighbor Eddie, who lost his dog Lucy in 2013 now has two new dogs. We are nuts about these little guys.

  10. Jeri Moore says:

    Well done Alfred! And the best for a rousing 2015 to you, Patty and the pups.

  11. misswhiplash says:

    To my very talented and clever friend…your posts, you, your life..it is a privilege and honour to know you..thank you for all the pleasure and joy that you give us each time you put pen to paper (nowadays..its finger to keyboard) Happy new year

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