Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

This weeks photo challenge is Man vs. Nature – “Ornate”

At our house, it’s between this backyard blue heron showing off its natural ornateness….


…. or my wife’s hand-crafted creation… a shell wall hanging decoration.


You be the judge…..

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I like the shells, they are tastefully arranged!

    PS: I was sorting my ‘reader list and discovered that for some reason you had evaporated… Now reinstated to your proper place!

  2. Tough choice but I’d go for the wall hanging. After all, when you’ve seen one heron, you’ve seen them all if you add it to your lifetime bird list. Beautiful shells in her wall hanging. I know you’ve been beach combing again. What fun!

  3. Well, as an animal lover I’d have to go with the blue heron but the shell creation is stunning as well. How’s that for a cop out answer? 😉 Seriously though really nice photos.

  4. Al, great minds think alike (great minds being yours and mine, as we both chose to do a ‘Man vs Nature’ for this challenge!)
    My great mind is telling me that your wife’s shell creation is more ornate!

    • That’s the first time anyone called my mind “great” Margie , but truth in blogging dictates I reveal that your blog first gave me the man vs nature idea. I’m hoping you don’t take me to court for plagiarizing!

      And yes, Patty’s creation is far more ornate and there’s certainly fewer of them.

      • I’m sure the title has been used by others before I used it! I was actually thinking of ‘Plants vs Zombies’, but didn’t have any photos to fit…

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