This is the straw that broke my camel’s back…………


After all these years, I ain’t got but one darn nerve left in my whole body. And danged if Iran didn’t just get all over it.

I’ve overlooked the fact that I am told I am an infidel if I don’t adhere to Islam and a horrible death awaits me.

I’ve reluctantly accepted that Muslim women are treated as second class citizens.

I’ve looked past the fact that single women are stoned to death in some Muslim countries if they “allow” a man to rape them.

I’ve given Saudi Arabia a pass on the fact that they don’t allow women to drive cars.

I’ve turned the other cheek when innocent westerners are beheaded for no reason other than being westerners.

I’ve tried to accept being told by our Administration not to judge all Islam by the radical element among them.

But now they’ve gone and done it. Iran is banning dogs as unpure and persecuting people who own them. That’s the last straw! If humans want to kill each other off, fine, that’s been their thing since time began. But when you start killing dogs and whipping the people who love them, I’ve got to draw a line in the mid-eastern sand.

All the good things I’ve learned about life have come from observing dogs. I’ve learned the only unconditional love in this world comes from dogs. I’ve learned if there is any such thing as pure innocence, it’s a dog. I’ve learned nothing about these things from Islam.

I’m trading in my camel for an elephant!



18 thoughts on “This is the straw that broke my camel’s back…………

  1. It’s stunningly abusrd that so many westerners won’t call out ths atrocious behavior for fear of being lableed intolerant. And I just cannot understand why we women here are not up in arms about how Islam treats our gender. Well, I can understand, that Liberal guilt thing, but still, it’s unreal. Sharia law and our way of government do not mix.

    • You’ve hit it right on the head, Tricia. The left has used guilt as its calling card with great success. After all the work for equal rights for women they remain eerily silent on this insidious threat to their status that will someday overtake this nation at the rate we are going.

  2. Dogs are a pure joy and they radiate pure love. Lovely animal spirits, we so need to take care of all our animal friends. There is a wonderful lawyer in the States called Steven Wise who is a staunch advocate for animal rights. His work is ground breaking, have you heard of him? Love you my Bro ❤

  3. The problem of course is that we cannot tar all people of a “group” with the same brush. I don’t believe the miscreants from any group should be thought of as representative of that group. And that includes Al Sharpton. We have our own share of dog abusers here in the US.

    • Yes, broad brushing is not good, but when the basic tenet of a religion is to dismiss women as lesser beings, that needs to be addressed. Until women rise up against this and say you are not welcome in this country until you disavow this tenet it will not change. Obama doesn’t care. Do you? What was all the fight about equality for women about? Saying we are for tolerance does not mean tolerating this atrocious behavior. What is wrong with the women in this country for abiding with this without comment?

      • I have worked with and know some very independent Muslim women and very non-oppressive Muslim men here in the DC Metro area. I’m not sure how much female oppression in other parts of the world is due to religion, and how much is due to the backward culture of the sending country.

        I was raised Catholic in a very very male dominant household. I married a Very oppressive Marine from NC. I would not put all Catholic men or all Marines in the oppressive category. Nor would I put all Jewish men in the oppressive category, although I have known a few of them.

        I know for a fact that oppressive males can be found everywhere. Just because you and David are not oppressive, doesn’t mean we don’t have non-muslim oppressors of every religion here in VA and elsewhere.

  4. Unbelievable. I like what an Iranian quoted in the article said about it being great that officials had all of their serious problems taken care of, so now they can work their way down the list of less-important tasks.

  5. Good thinking! It just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? I received a lecture from a recent college grad who can’t find a job…except scooping icecream…about how I need to understand that “generalizing” is awful….(didn’t know I was…in fact I was being very specific)….and these are PEOPLE and ALL are welcome here…NO discrimination, NO questions…on and on. She left the room sobbing and ran off to her safe space. BTW she owns 5 dogs. I’m always in your corner, Al.

    • It’s always sad when a neophyte liberal has to face the real world. You were kind to let her vent and return to her safe space where opposing views or common sense never dwell.

      • Thank you for saying I was kind. Her degree from Southern CT State U (right in the bowels of sanctuary city New Haven) is in “Public Health” (?) which is code I think for “the greedy and terrible USA should feed and show more love to the world” and especially “refugees.” Meanwhile, her exhausted underappreciated mother works as an RN for the VA Hospital. I’ll lelt you know if this naive neophyte ever comes around.

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