This is the straw that broke my camel’s back…………


After all these years, I ain’t got but one darn nerve left in my whole body. And danged if Iran didn’t just get all over it.

I’ve overlooked the fact that I am told I am an infidel if I don’t adhere to Islam and a horrible death awaits me.

I’ve reluctantly accepted that Muslim women are treated as second class citizens.

I’ve looked past the fact that single women are stoned to death in some Muslim countries if they “allow” a man to rape them.

I’ve given Saudi Arabia a pass on the fact that they don’t allow women to drive cars.

I’ve turned the other cheek when innocent westerners are beheaded for no reason other than being westerners.

I’ve tried to accept being told by our Administration not to judge all Islam by the radical element among them.

But now they’ve gone and done it. Iran is banning dogs as unpure and persecuting people who own them. That’s the last straw! If humans want to kill each other off, fine, that’s been their thing since time began. But when you start killing dogs and whipping the people who love them, I’ve got to draw a line in the mid-eastern sand.

All the good things I’ve learned about life have come from observing dogs. I’ve learned the only unconditional love in this world comes from dogs. I’ve learned if there is any such thing as pure innocence, it’s a dog. I’ve learned nothing about these things from Islam.

I’m trading in my camel for an elephant!