Just one of those grand moments in time……

Late last night, as I was driving to the train station to pick up my oldest granddaughter from college, I felt a moment of sheer bliss come over me. For an instant, I was overcome with the feeling of how fortunate I was and just very thankful for being.

When you’re at the stage of life I am, this is just one of those instances you feel compelled to share. She had called us that morning and said she wanted to come down from her college in Washington, DC (George Mason University) to spend the weekend. She has some friends in this area and they wanted to get together for some beach time. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t coming solely just to see us, what mattered was that she felt close enough that she wanted to be with us as well. We will always take any time with our girls we can get!

As I neared the station I recalled another endearing time in my life. The last time I went to a train terminal to welcome somebody was when I was a little boy in Elmira, NY waiting for a train at the old Lackawanna station. It was carrying my beloved grandparents from Connecticut. I still remember how joyful I was running up to hug them as they stepped down on the platform. Now here I was all those many, many years later, reversing roles and becoming the grandparent waiting to embrace the grandchild. What an exquisite turn of events!

There are always a few special times in our lives and if you’re really lucky, as I am, you’ll live long enough to enjoy an exceptional one such as this. Some of my readers know exactly what I mean. As I’ve always said, grandchildren are God’s way of saying “Thanks for hanging in there.”

And now YOU know.

27 thoughts on “Just one of those grand moments in time……

  1. Aren’t those special life moments just awesome? I don’t have grandkids but I’ve had more than my share of special moments and cherish each one of them. Hope it was a nice visit. 🙂

  2. What a lovely post Al. You made me smile 🙂 I think these kind of moments are so often not appreciated and get lost in our busy lives.
    I hope you had a lovely time with your granddaughter.
    Hoping you are well
    Best wishes from your friend in Spain
    – Carly

  3. How lovely! We have to stop and cherish these fleeting moments of joy when we get them, because that’s what makes up the fabric of life.

    And I bet you and Patty are fabulous grandparents, so that helps. 🙂

  4. Oh my Bro, you so deserve these moments. Georgie’s daughter turned to me yesterday evening and asked if I would like to meet her daughter, who has just turned six, and we can spend an afternoon together, just us girls. My joy is unconfined. Thank you for sharing your precious moment. I love you. ❤ xXx

    • Yes, I see you post on the Cavachon Lovers group quite often. So do I. By the way, I used Washington as a reference for people to get an idea of the area of the country she is in. For all of us outside of the beltway area Washington, DC is a general living area, not just the city itself. Strictly a matter of semantics I guess.

  5. Hello sir,
    I live in Sterling, VA, which is about 30 miles NW of Washington DC. Your Granddaughter goes to college about 20 miles away from DC. I don’t consider myself to live in the Washington DC area, but instead I live in Northern Virginia. I also consider George Mason, which is in Fairfax, to be in Northern Virginia, and not DC. Maybe this is because I grew up in Silver Spring, Md. People there are from Silver Spring, Md, not Washington DC.

    To me, DC is a whole different type of living. Urban vs. Suburban. I would never live in Washington, DC because it’s too congested, so I would never associate myself as being a part of that culture. I’m curious as to where your Granddaughter feels like she goes to college. What area I mean. Is it valid to say she goes to college in Washington, DC. If someone tried to look up George Mason University in Washington DC, they wouldn’t find it. Not that I would fault her for identifying herself as living and going to college in Washington, DC, because it’s easier than saying that she lives in Fairfax, about 20 miles from Washington DC.

    Honestly, I like where you live, in Virginia Beach, much better. I’d love to live down there. I don’t being close enough to DC to be identified, whether accurately or not, as living there. Too many people, too much traffic. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my job, I must live close to DC. But I have dreams of living on the beach and owning a boat. If I could find an IT job down there that paid well I would move in a second.

  6. As a working mom I wasn’t able to meet my boys at the school bus stop at the end of their day so I missed the happy smiles, hugs and their excited babble. On occasion I have the opportunity to meet 4 year old grandson Maxx’s bus at the end of his pre school day and I’m the recipient of those smiles, hugs and “guess what we did in school today Mimi”. So I thank you for your lovely blog and for reminding me just how lucky I am. XOXO

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