A Birthday for the Aged….er…uh…I mean Ages!

Yesterday was one of the big ones. To my surprise, and may I add, delight, I turned 75. This is an extraordinary milestone for my family as far as the men are concerned. With the exception of my great-grandfather on my paternal side, who lived to be 84, I have become the oldest living male in my family in the last several generations. And it really isn’t that close.

But enough on actuarial tables. It was a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful, had tons of good birthday wishes from friends and family and made a very relaxing day of it. Our oldest granddaughter, who is staying with us for the summer in between her freshman and sophomore college years, surprised me with my only true vice…..a dozen Dunkin Donuts. And she had to do this during her break from double shifts at the restaurant where she works. As if her just being here with us isn’t enough of a birthday present!

Most of the day was spent fiddling around the house, and responding to birthday greetings from all my Facebook friends, many of whom are from my high school and college days. I was going to try to keep my age secret but quickly realized that, as my classmates, they could easily do the math! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my daily nap, but for some reason this one was especially good.

Then as the evening approached, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law invited us to a private sunset cruise on the lake in their party boat. Complete with wine, pizza and a cake. OK, maybe it was an extra-large, decorated cupcake with a candle, but it was delicious and made my day! Of course the weather continued to cooperate with an awesome sunset and sky.

I’m adding a slide-show here to give you a pictorial of the day. Hope you enjoy. And again, many thanks to all for the lovely comments on a very special day in my life.

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Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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38 Responses to A Birthday for the Aged….er…uh…I mean Ages!

  1. Tricia says:

    Wow happy 75 Al! Love the pictures too, gosh you live in a gorgeous part of the country!

    Sorry I missed this one.

  2. Marc Zemlick says:

    Looks like too much fun. Wish we were still there to help you celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the West Coast!

  3. lghiggins says:

    What a wonderful milestone! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Al!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful way to spend it! Many more to you.

  5. jfh says:

    What great pictures and a perfect day! Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. Arlene says:

    Looks like a wonderful birthday, Al. Family is what makes it special. Enjoyed your pictures.
    Arlene Swihart

  7. Happy birthday Al! I love the sound of a private sunset cruise with pizza and wine! I’m glad you had a lovely day. Love from Spain. ❤

    • Al says:

      Thank you so much, Carly. It was a fun family day. By the way, I have an interesting ear story for you. I will email you separately with it.

  8. Garfield Hug says:

    Happy 75th to you🎂💕🎁🎉💐

  9. Happy 75th Birthday, my Bro and many happy returns. I love the pics and am glad you had a good day. ❤ xXx hugs x

  10. dorannrule says:

    Sounds like you had a perfect birthday! Add one more super wish for ongoing happy days.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So glad you had a beautiful day with Many special moments. Have a truly blessed year and keep up the writing.
    Linda Stewart

    • Al says:

      Thank you, Anonymous, if that’s your real name! (just kidding, Linda). Thank you for commenting on the blog, come back again anytime!

  12. Karen Szelest says:

    Hi, Al, I am “happy” you had a Happy Birthday! Seems like you had a glorious day. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Hugs, Karen

  13. josypheen says:

    Wow!! Happy birthday!! I hope you had an amazing day and enjoyed those doughnuts!!

  14. Ralph says:

    Happy Birthday Al. I am so pleased that you had a lovely day. Cheers ! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🥂😊 *clink*

  15. Margy says:

    Birthday Greetings from Canada! I mentioned your birthday to the owls. They said “Whooo’s Having a Birthday?” I told them that you were a famous blogger, upon which they asked me to tell you “Hoot! Hoot! Hoooray! It’s your Birthday! Will there be cake?” (Chocolate is our favourite…)

  16. susielindau says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL!!! It looks like you had a spectacular day. Birthdays are for celebrating! Keep those years coming, I always say. 🙂

  17. Happy 75th to you – I will be there soon! It seems you had a great birthday and dinner cruise. Dunkin Donuts are my favorite.

  18. What a wonderful day, enjoyed with friends and family. You deserve to be celebrated as I knew you would be on this day. The surroundings look wonderful and the cake doesn’t look bad either as far as I can see 🙂

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