Hello. Are you there? (Part Two)

Hi again. I posted this following blog a few days ago after moving my site:

Hello. Are you there?

I’m baaack!

Just an follow-up post to find out if you all enjoyed the journey to my new site. If you’ll post a quick comment I will know that the trip was successful and you arrived on schedule.

If you experienced any nausea, I apologize for the bumpy ride. I’ve never driven one of these before. Any problems with scratches, bumps or bruises should be directed to my complaint department link at: youknewthetripwasdangerouswhenyousignedup.com.


Your pal, Al

Apparently I had a lot more work to do since many of you did not get it. In addition, if you did, you couldn’t comment without signing in with name and email. Also, you weren’t able to “like.” I believe I have corrected those errors. (Thanks Margy at https://gogreygirl.wordpress.com for pointing this out.) I urge all of you to comment if you find anything about this new setup problematic or infuriating. I am slowly learning the in and outs of self-hosting and promise you I will tweak when I need to (no, not that kind of tweaking, you perverts.) Actually, I’m kinda having fun learning this as well as more about WordPress.

Another reminder; I go in early Tuesday morning (17th) for hip replacement surgery. I don’t know how long it will be before I am lucid and strong enough to post, but I hope not too long. I have some blog ideas and am anxious to work on them.

And again, thanks for your patience.


36 thoughts on “Hello. Are you there? (Part Two)

  1. Al,

    I just got back from a trip to Oregon with my brother which explains the delayed response. There will be a blog story by the end of the month! Looking forward to checking out your new site! Hang in there with the recovery–as you remember, I had my surgery in January and things improved quickly. I was a hiking everywhere while in Oregon! You will do great! Just make sure you take plenty of short naps!!

    • Thanks so much for checking in, Janet. Envy you your trip to Oregon. We’ve done that and it is spectacular. Especially the Hood River and Mt Hood, don’t you think? he he.

      I’m making progress after the surgery (finished up my 5th day). And don’t you worry for a single moment, I’m on those naps like white on bread!!


    • You did great, Faye. I think it is easier for “blog buddies” (people who are on
      WordPress together and not just subscribed by email.

  2. I think moving your site is very brave. I have thought of doing it, but I’m pretty sure, in my case, that it would end in chaos and lasting silence so I dare not try it. I am now going to enter my name!!

    • Hi Peter. I’m back home from hip surgery and saw your comment. Surgery went well…..now the tough part….therapy! I’m still pretty tired but gaining a bit of strength every day. Don’t you just know there is a blog on the horizon about all this.

  3. Last test – My name, email (though perhaps that is not needed) and my website – that should work. While this is all very logical, it was something that is done automatically when WordPress.com bloggers comment on WordPress.com blogs.

    • Is there a place for you to check remember me? This sounds too onerous. When I get feeling better from surgery I will research this, I am sure there is a solution, I just have to find it. Thanks for all your help!! Don’t want to lose my Margy!

  4. Okay, here is another test. In my previous comment, I was ‘Anonymous’ because I didn’t fill in my name. Let’s see what happens if I fill in my name but not my email.

  5. I’ve read your stories about what you’ve been through in life, Al. Hip Surgery – piece of cake for a person like you!
    Now, on to the important stuff – will your reply to this comment appear in MY comment feed?!

    • Not really sure, anonymous. You may have to visit again to see it unless you are a fellow WordPress user. In that case you should see it. If you subscribe by email only, unless you fill in your name and email you may have to check back.

  6. I am able to comment Al but I did have to fill in my name, email & website. Not sure if that was what you were aiming for but perhaps it is because I am visiting the site for the 1st time?

    Best of luck with your hip replacement. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Hi Lynn. Just to clarify, those blanks appear, but you do not have to fill them out. Since we are WordPress followers of each other, your comment will show that it is from you. For people only following me by email (non-wordpress users) if they don’t fill that out, their comment will appear as made by “anonymous.”

      Thanks for sticking with me through this and thanks also for the best wishes. I’m a little nervous but so tired of hobbling around in pain half the time.

  7. Carol Ann, is that you? Are you they-uh? OOPS, wrong channel. It’s early.

    Good morning, Al! There you are.

    I think you should do a live stream from the hospital. We could be right there watching over you from prep to recovery room. We’d promise, of course, not to publish any embarrassing shots over the WORLD WIDE WEB.

    Seriously, hope your surgery goes perfectly tomorrow. Prayers going up!


  8. I’m here, so that must mean I’ve made the journey. Not sure what you are doing by ‘self hosting’, but applaud your courage in tackling anything technology based. I am wrapping you in love for the 17th and beyond…Love you, my Bro ❤ xXx

    • Thank you, Jane. I always have fun learning something new on this computer. Also, it keeps my mind off my aches and pains!

  9. Hi Al,
    In spite of the terrifying speed the trip has been enjoyable. I am praying all goes well with your hip replacement on Tuesday!

  10. Be thinking of you all day Tuesday, and especially beyond when the drugs wear off. Be glad when you will be all mended and together with our mates we can literally go skipping down the lane at Lawson Bay…XX

    • Best to you as well for today’s operation. What a shame we couldn’t get adjoining rooms! Looking forward to our next outing on good hips and knees.

  11. Looking forward to you being much more hip after Tuesday’s surgery. Your loving wife and soon to be nurse, Patty

  12. Al – I will be praying for you. It is a big deal; hip replacement. I hope you mend well. Perhaps with all the new technology re same, it won’t be too long before you are “A” okay. Hugs, Karen

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