Hello. Are you there?

I’m baaack!

Just an follow-up post to find out if you all enjoyed the journey to my new site. If you’ll post a quick comment I will know that the trip was successful and you arrived on schedule.

If you experienced any nausea, I apologize for the bumpy ride. I’ve never driven one of these before. Any problems with scratches, bumps or bruises should be directed to my complaint department link at: youknewthetripwasdangerouswhenyousignedup.com.


Your pal, Al

9 thoughts on “Hello. Are you there?

  1. Love the look of the new website. Happy wanderings with this new venture and good luck for tomorrow.

    Maybe I will revisit my own blog and begin a more regular contact with you. Life has been tough since we met in London, but I am slowly improving with every day. Say to Patti for me. xx

  2. Glad to hear it was an easy trip for you. The downside, as far as I can see, is your new site won’t let me leave a comment until I enter my name and email, and I can’t leave ‘likes’. I’ll have to see whether my browser lets me save these things for the next time…

    • Thanks for the heads up, Margy. Now that we’re all here, I can start working on fixing things like that. This is pretty much the bare bones version and there’s is a lot for me to learn yet. I definitely don’t wanted it to be harder for my followers.

      • Also – your reply didn’t show up in my comments feed. I had to check back here to see if you had replied. It will be a sad day if your .org site doesn’t talk to our .com sites like in the old days…

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