“What I did on my Summer Staycation”….by Al Hood

Most of my latest posts have been devoted to moving my website and a hip replacement. While these are not even exciting topics in the first place, I was a bit preoccupied with them and was terribly remiss in not mentioning that we really did have a wonderful summer!

As many of you who are grandparents will appreciate, any time spent with the “young ‘uns” is its own reward. We were doubly blessed this year. Our oldest, Katie, has stayed with us since finishing her first year of college. It’s been an awesome time having her here and as a vegetarian she has done her own cooking exposing us to many new dishes. Well, exposing Patty at least. I’m a die-hard meat and potatoes man and will always be so. For my gravestone I have chosen the phrase “He never met an Hungarian goulash he didn’t like.” We are really going to miss her!

She has worked as a hostess/waitress at a local restaurant called “Anchor Allie’s”. It has a navy/patriotic theme and the girls all have to dress in some form of red, white and blue. Pictured are a few of her work outfits.

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Fluent in Spanish, she has also been tutoring a couple of young children once a week. In between this and work shifts she walks over to the Chesapeake Bay and swims a few miles. I was trying to remember when I had that kind of energy and stamina, but quickly realized I NEVER had that kind! Of course as a still growing teenager, sleep occupies the rest of her time.

Then for a week in June, Katie visited back home and was summarily replaced by her younger sister and three of her good friends. Colette, or Cece , as she likes to be called, usually comes here every summer with a friend for a week, but this is the first time we agreed to this many friends at once. We needn’t have worried a bit about it. These were four of the most delightful 15 year-olds you could imagine. They made all their own plans, fixed their own meals or went out to restaurants on their own. And they were remarkable about cleaning up after themselves!

We are fortunate to have a fresh water lake behind us and the bay only one block in the other direction. In the morning they tended to favor beach time at the bay, then later kayaking across the lake to Patty’s sister’s house which just happens to be on the opposite side of this relatively small lake and has a gorgeous swimming pool. Then back to our place for dinner or to plan the evening’s festivities. A couple of times they asked to be taken down to the Atlantic Ocean part of Virginia Beach for some big waves. Keep in mind this is the east coast we’re talking about so “big waves” is a very relative term.

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One of the highlight days was a party boat lake cruise provided by Cece’s Aunt Robyn and Uncle Curtis.

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On other days, water propulsion was provided by good old American muscle power..

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All this, with a 75th birthday celebration thrown in for good measure. It’s good to be the grandpa!

12 thoughts on ““What I did on my Summer Staycation”….by Al Hood

    • Thank you, Janet. These days I have to feel youthful vicariously through them. If I didn’t have grandchildren, I’d probably hire some. Ha ha.

      Have a great day!

  1. It sounds like you have had a great summer….other than surgery. But not having hip pain is also a great thing according to my husband. (He would also agree with your meat and potato philosophy.)

  2. Glad you had such a good summer! Nothing better than some young people hanging around to lift your spirits!

    Now, on to blogging stuff – if I want to see your reply to this comment, I have to tick the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email.’

    Are you able to see my reply to comments you leave on my blog?

    • Hi Margy. I don’t have any problem getting your comments back to me. I don’t think you should have to tick that box to see comments. Only if you want to be notified by email as an extra notification. I will be chatting with a tech person soon as I have a list of questions for them. Now that my official rehab period is coming to an end, I can devote more time to getting this thing figured out. For a while I could only sit at computer for about 20-30 minutes. I’m getting up to about 45 minutes per session now before my hip stiffens up and I have to walk around. Probably shouldn’t have planned this site switch at the same time as surgery, but good sense was never my strong suit as my wife will attest.

  3. What a lovely, happy post, my Bro. I hope you are continuing to heal well? Huge (soft) hugs and much love to you and Patty, and your lovely brood. ❤ Xxx

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