Ode to Spring……..

If only each winter, was more like a sprinter, I’d have no reason to brood,

But it’s such a slow race, at a frustrating pace, that puts me in such a bad mood.

Though winter was dreary, making me weary, I now see an end to the frost,

The buds on the tree, just fill me with glee, a sign that all is not lost.

Light deprivation, now takes a vacation, giving my psyche a boost,

As birds fill the air, I emerge without care, by sunshine easily seduced.

Now how sappy I feel, that I couldn’t deal, with those days of cold and of ice,

But dreams of the spring, and the warmth it would bring, were lurking around to entice.

So with season anew, no longer I stew, about winter days frigid and dark,

But now with each dawn, to its light I am drawn, as it gives my heart a new spark.

I just cherish each bloom, and it’s fragrance consume, for the new spring I humbly rejoice,

And stand in great awe, to this heavenly thaw, that has given my soul a new voice!


Al Hood 2019








35 thoughts on “Ode to Spring……..

      • Sorry about that. Not sure why that happened! My travel blog is what I used from 2010 to 2012 when I took the three trips all by myself to Europe. To prevent my family from panicking I would post a story every night about what Beasley and I did during the day. I had opened it recently to look at something so maybe Word Press was just linking to it. I obviously have not posted anything since 2012 when I took my last trip but every now and then I go back and look at some of the stories. I will double check next time I make sure I’m posting from my current blog! Thank you.

        • No problem, Janet. Just wondered if you had moved. Anything more on the nice gentleman you had the first date with?

          Your nosy pal, Al

  1. Loved you spring poem. Best ever!
    Here’s my thought about spring: “Spring sometimes springs a small spring in your basement”. Or so we’ve been told by the person watching our house.

    • Sounds like you might need to hire a different house sitter. I’m thinking of that little dutch boy who kept his finger in the dike. Now that’s loyalty.

    • Thank you, Patricia. I always get inspired by those first few warm days. If the family and grandkids weren’t in the general area, we’d move further south. My Patricia went to Florida for over a week, ostensibly to visit an old friend, leaving me here to snuggle with the pups just to keep warm. Not nice.

    • Thank you, Bernice and so nice to hear from you. Patty spent a very nice evening with your running mate recently. I need to message you and get a personal update.

  2. Bravo Al, very well said! I too can feel spring coming and cannot wait! It’s been a brutal winter as you know, here in Southern Cal. πŸ˜‰

    • It’s easy to see why it wouldn’t recognize you. I have a filter that keeps people from weather paradises like S.D from rubbing it in about the weather.

      • Seriously, I don’t understand this either. It even asks me to sign in to reply to you. I check my settings and the box for requiring sign in is definitely not checked. I’ll have to keep investigating. I’ll let you know. It would be such a shame if people missed out on my life-altering offerings.

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