Ode to Spring……..

If only each winter, was more like a sprinter, I’d have no reason to brood,

But it’s such a slow race, at a frustrating pace, that puts me in such a bad mood.

Though winter was dreary, making me weary, I now see an end to the frost,

The buds on the tree, just fill me with glee, a sign that all is not lost.

Light deprivation, now takes a vacation, giving my psyche a boost,

As birds fill the air, I emerge without care, by sunshine easily seduced.

Now how sappy I feel, that I couldn’t deal, with those days of cold and of ice,

But dreams of the spring, and the warmth it would bring, were lurking around to entice.

So with season anew, no longer I stew, about winter days frigid and dark,

But now with each dawn, to its light I am drawn, as it gives my heart a new spark.

I just cherish each bloom, and it’s fragrance consume, for the new spring I humbly rejoice,

And stand in great awe, to this heavenly thaw, that has given my soul a new voice!


Al Hood 2019