Ode to a child turning 50 today…..

Wow, how did this happen? My oldest child, our daughter, turned 50 today. The emotions that calls forth brings me to verse:

Time is fleeting, so they say

Another reminder just today,

It passes quickly to be sure

A fact to which I must inure.


Having kids has been so great

No higher joy can I equate,

Rendered by my loving wife

They’ve been the pleasure of my life.


But when did they decide to age

And pass so quickly through each stage.

I never think I’m getting old

Until their birthdays each unfold.


That’s when the frightful truth appears

That that all of us are gaining years.

But I shall not here make complaint

For fear the blessing I might taint.


To my son and daughter both so dear

Whose life passages I gladly cheer,

It’s been a hoot, you’ve made it thus

So each new year becomes a plus.


Al Hood 2019



27 thoughts on “Ode to a child turning 50 today…..

  1. I understand the How Can This Be…it happened to me in 2018 when my son turned 40 and I also remember my mother saying to me when I turned 50…how can that be …. that her daughter is 50…. and I now get the force of the question she was asking.

    On another note, I took for the first time since August of 2012 a two month hiatus from my blog and it felt strange after posting a story every month since then to not write something. But as 2020 approaches and that number (2020) seems so dramatic, I will be back to posting once a month near the end of the month… already have ideas floating in my head for that story.

    and Final note–after 8 months of dating Mr. Motorcycle Man, He met my family (son, wife, two grand-kids) over the Thanksgiving holidays… and it went well. They all got along and my grandchildren ages 10 and 7 accepted him and seem to adore him. It is so nice to have a holiday season where there is someone in my life again….

    Merry Christmas to you and your family… jfh

    • Wow, Janet, it was great to get three different comments from you. I will comment back on all three here.

      We must be connecting on a psychic level. I was just thinking the other day how I hadn’t heard from you for a while. So good to catch up and especially to hear that your “meet the family” experience was a good one. Motorcycle guy is sounding more and more like a soulmate in your life.

      Glad you liked my predictions. Someone has to expose our political scene for the farce that it is!

      I am getting pretty handy with the left hand mouse now. I’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow to see if we can find out what is going on with the nerve numbness in my right hand.

      A lot of people identified with the child aging post. Seems to be a lot of it going around. He. he.

      Anyway, glad you are back on the airways. Wishing you the most joyous Christmas season and New Year!

  2. You have an amazing talent Al! I am jealous. I always have to laugh at my dad when he seems surprised at how old his kids are and that we are all getting gray. (Well…..some of us are gray already but oh well…..)

  3. Al, Great job, I agree the time passes so quickly. I hope you have a great Christmas.



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