Ode to a child turning 50 today…..

Wow, how did this happen? My oldest child, our daughter, turned 50 today. The emotions that calls forth brings me to verse:

Time is fleeting, so they say

Another reminder just today,

It passes quickly to be sure

A fact to which I must inure.


Having kids has been so great

No higher joy can I equate,

Rendered by my loving wife

They’ve been the pleasure of my life.


But when did they decide to age

And pass so quickly through each stage.

I never think I’m getting old

Until their birthdays each unfold.


That’s when the frightful truth appears

That that all of us are gaining years.

But I shall not here make complaint

For fear the blessing I might taint.


To my son and daughter both so dear

Whose life passages I gladly cheer,

It’s been a hoot, you’ve made it thus

So each new year becomes a plus.


Al Hood 2019