Sheltering in Place….a poem

(With apologies to Joyce Kilmer)


I think that I shall never care,

‘Bout anything besides my chair.


It’s where I go to take my rest,

When that virus has me stressed.


With foot stool close and at the ready,

Between the two, my body steady.


A comfy blanket greets my arrival,

Part and parcel to my survival.


With TV on, I start the streaming,

A wasted day, there’s no redeeming.


The pups on lap to comfort me,

A mindless time, that is the key.


When life gets tough that’s when I choose

To languish there, perchance to snooze.


And only when the threat’s abated

Will my good friend become vacated.


Where the action is…

Al Hood 2020

19 thoughts on “Sheltering in Place….a poem

  1. Now THAT looks like a comfy chair. After a month of languishing in front of the boob-tube, my back end has assumed approximately the same contours.
    (Hope you are doing well, my friend. Sorry it has been so long.)

    • Wow, so good to hear from you, Peg! I was worried.

      Now I know what it must be like for someone whose military friend was reported MIA, but suddenly shows up at the front door.

      Also wondering if Peg-O-Leg Industries will receive its bail-out money soon?

      • We are still waiting. I’m afraid we might have to shut down our retail operations permanently, and start selling through Amazon, like everything else now.

    • Glad I could add a little mirth during this shut down of society. Glad to hear from you and know you are staying safe and healthy!

  2. Yes, I too have a close personal relationship with my special sitting place. It’s kind of sad to see a permanent shape of my butt on that cushion when I get up.

    Great poem! Keep on sitting my friend.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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