Ode to a Hug

With mask on tight, and distance right, I say hello to friends,

But it’s not the same, which is a shame, can’t wait until this ends.

With elbow greetings, these sad meetings, make me want to shrug,

Oh, how I yearn, to now return, to giving  those friends a hug.

It hangs around, and makes me bound, to act as if a hermit,

As bureaucrats, with conflicting stats, say what they won’t permit.

I’m so desirous, that this damn virus, would die and leave forever,

But I’m just dreaming, it’s unredeeming, no matter my endeavor.

While protesters riot, politicians seem quiet, they miss how it’s ironic,

That we at home, must never roam, the hypocrisy is chronic.

A vaccine is near, is what we hear, but no one knows the when,

So we must wait, and anticipate, like lemmings in a den.

I’m sure someday, it will go away, it’s really been too much,

And when it does, we’ll be abuzz, for finally we can touch.

Until that time, I’ll finish this rhyme, and not be down on life,

Cause every day, of this affray, I get to hug my wife!

21 thoughts on “Ode to a Hug

  1. Dear Al, This is not your usual meme which I attribute to perhaps your down spirit due to Covid. Admittedly I have hug a lot more people at a recent family event than the government would allow. I needed it otherwise I may become one of the statistics our political leaders and talk show hosts talk about. We are dining with 6 other people for Thanksgiving we know and have socialized with all thru Covid. I refuse to leave in fear. That said, I talked to someone today who has educated me regarding the known or unknown aspects of the virus. Still, I refuse to become a hermit. “HUGS.” Me

  2. Loved this, Al!
    I’ve missed you!
    The last line described my situation perfectly. I haven’t seen my family for nearly a year, but at least I can have a hug with my man 🙂
    Best of wishes from Madrid,

    • Thanks, Carly. We are both big on hugging, friends, family, even strangers sometimes. It’s a natural human emotion that is being denied us for good reason but it still hurts to not have it. Thankfully we have family nearby and have at least seen each other through this. Hope you get to reunite soon as well. Best wishes back from Virginia Beach.

  3. What a great pandemic poem. You hit all the low notes, but with a great sense of humor. When it was just 2 weeks, I was all aboard to save lives. It has taken on a life of its own in the middle of the political fray. I have never seen a better example of interpreting data to support the conclusions you want.

  4. Good to hear from you. We’ve missed you wit and wisdom!
    Like you, I’m glad I have a spouse to share this ‘event’ with!
    We’re fortunate here in Alberta that our Premier is explaining that the rise in cases are because of a rise in testing; the small rise in deaths are because of outbreaks in a few care facilities; and though we should keep social distancing and masking, we really need to just get on with our lives. The virus just isn’t going to suddenly disappear even with a vaccine.

  5. Aw……sweet! I’ll concentrate on the ending and ignore the rest. You and Patty were blessed to find each other and be soul mates for life!..

  6. I feel the very same. 2020 has been a dumpster fire, no pun intended here in the west where wildfires had me scrambling two weekends ago. Whew! The stress of it all… Very nice ode!

  7. I will read this later today. That said, I will let you know I cannot stand wearing a mask allowing my bad breath to come back at me … disgusting and probably makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Yes, the blow back is awful. Not sure how much is breath and how much is mask chemical, but either way it can’t be good for us.

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