Ode to a Hug

With mask on tight, and distance right, I say hello to friends,

But it’s not the same, which is a shame, can’t wait until this ends.

With elbow greetings, these sad meetings, make me want to shrug,

Oh, how I yearn, to now return, to giving  those friends a hug.

It hangs around, and makes me bound, to act as if a hermit,

As bureaucrats, with conflicting stats, say what they won’t permit.

I’m so desirous, that this damn virus, would die and leave forever,

But I’m just dreaming, it’s unredeeming, no matter my endeavor.

While protesters riot, politicians seem quiet, they miss how it’s ironic,

That we at home, must never roam, the hypocrisy is chronic.

A vaccine is near, is what we hear, but no one knows the when,

So we must wait, and anticipate, like lemmings in a den.

I’m sure someday, it will go away, it’s really been too much,

And when it does, we’ll be abuzz, for finally we can touch.

Until that time, I’ll finish this rhyme, and not be down on life,

Cause every day, of this affray, I get to hug my wife!