Everything Old Is New Again

Once again I must apologize for my lack of posts recently. Seems this is getting to be a habit. I wonder if WordPress gives an award for most times having writer’s block in a year. Generally, when I have this problem I resort to verse which I seem to cerebrate more easily than prose.

I have been reading from various sources about the possibility that a “Covid Card”, or proof of vaccination will someday be required for travel as well as some events and establishments. While the legality of this is still in the stages of heated discussion, it occurred to me that things will have pretty much come full circle. Or, put another way:

When I was young but of legal standing,

The bouncers at bars were quite demanding.

By looking at me they couldn’t gauge,

If I was telling the truth about my age.

It bothered me to show my card,

But it sure was better than being barred.

Though pretty soon they stopped inquiring,

As my youthful looks began expiring.

Now as aging goes, I did not love it,

But always tried to think nothing of it.

Until one day at a fast food store,

Both my chins nearly hit the floor.

I ordered one coffee, with sugar and cream,

While the clerk turned around and began to scream.

“One senior coffee please, to go,”

And dealt to me a real low blow.

I suddenly longed for the days of yore,

When they asked for proof right at the door.

They all know me now without ID.

‘Cause the wrinkles and lines are plain to see.

Now the Covid virus has changed the rules,

And vaccine shots are the latest tools.

So I’m no longer broken-hearted,

“Cause once again I’ll be getting carded!

Al Hood 2021

26 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Again

  1. “Cause once again I’ll be getting carded!
    Haha! You made me giggle, Al!
    Great to read your post which brought some humour to my day.
    All the best from your blogging friend in Madrid.

  2. In the words of some wise old sage “Getting old SUCKS!”
    It’s good see there are still some advantages.
    Happy Birthday and “Carry on”.

  3. Welcome back! Yes, getting “carded” at 30 for alcohol was quite bothersome. I’ve even taken to carrying my id to the alcohol vender at stadiums these days (not that I go a lot) because they always ask for id no matter how old you are or look. But, there is a legal drinking age and there’s no other way to enforce that without providing proof that you’re “legally” able to purchase alcohol. Same with cigarettes.

    The vaccine cards are a whole new level of authentication for me though. Personally, what I put into my body is nobody else’s business. AIDS patients don’t have to walk around showing that they are HIV positive. People who get the shingles vaccine don’t have to show anyone their card. Personally, I think it’s an invasion of privacy. And, it sets a precedent that will never go away. Once the government starts demanding information about our private lives, where does it stop? Will young girls have to provide proof that they are using some sort of birth control? Will people with sexually transmitted diseases have to start wearing giant “S’s” on their foreheads? I just see this door being cracked open, paving the way for total and complete loss of privacy for everyone. I mean we might as well start wearing stickers that say “I voted for _______” and then let the whole world know our political persuasion, which again, is nobody’s business.

    But, as always, I love your poem and your creative way of dealing with writer’s block. Now, get out there an fill up that creative well so the fun posts can start flowing again!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Agreed. Let’s just hope the “heated controversy” dies a quiet death. This pandemic showed how quickly this could become an Orwellian world for sure. As Reagan once said “Freedom in never more than one generation away from extinction.”

  4. The first time a clerk rang me up at a senior discount I about had a cow. I’m getting used to it now and pretty I’m going to start asking for it. When I get my second shot and show my boss the card I get $75 so getting carded isn’t all bad.

    • Thanks, Bernice. I somehow feel like I missed your birthday. Just in case, Happy Birthday or Happy Belated Birthday (pick one).

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