Monday Morning Quarterbacks

With the Olympics in full swing now, one hot topic is the withdrawal of World Champion American gymnast Simone Biles due to mental health issues. In short, the pressure of performing overwhelmed her. While most of us support and understand this decision, there are always those keyboard warriors who are showing contempt and derision toward her. It’s as if they could accomplish 1/100th what this great athlete has done.


There once was a gymnast named Biles

Who was usually nothing but smiles

But the stress has her down

You can tell by the frown

Her tears are not crocodiles.


Her performances gave us a thrill

She’s certainly not run of the mill

But before you talk smack

Cut her some slack

Or try it yourself if you will.


16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterbacks

  1. I think she was brave to make the decision she did, I can’t imagine how hard it was for her. I understand the disappointment people might feel but I am sure it pales in comparison to the disappointment she is feeling in herself. We have no idea of what may be contributing to the pressures she is under & we have to respect that this young woman did what she felt was best for her & her team. Just my two little cents worth 💕

    • Exactly the point I’m trying to make, Lynn. I have experienced this personally. I literally walked out on my career at age 50 because I honestly believed the pressure was killing me. It was a leap of faith, suddenly that income stream was gone. But I decided what good would I be to my family if I had a stroke or heart attack. It worked out well as my second career, though not financially the same, was very rewarding and I actually enjoyed going to work. Hopefully, Simone will “find her way” as well. Thanks, as always, for commenting.

    • I hadn’t thought about how the Pandemic is affecting these athlete but your point is well taken. The younger people are having an especially hard time. My oldest granddaughter (22) had to deal with depression over this. And yes, we were supposed to be meeting up with you this week so I’m a little pissed off at the Pandemic myself!

  2. Well done Al. I was annoyed with Simon Biles at first, bit it’s obvious she’s gong through a lot. I think mental health is a huge issue for teenagers. The dystopian world of Pandema has been especially hard on this age group.

  3. I’m for cutting her a lot of slack. Apparently she (and her siblings) were in and out of foster care when they were young; she has ADHD; she was molested by the gymnastics team doctor – and now a Covid Olympics without the support of family and friends – all this and she is only 24 years old. She was wise to drop out before she got seriously hurt – it is a dangerous sport!

  4. I enjoyed this very much, Al. Simone Biles needs our support! A courageous young woman!

    Looking forward to seeing you at our reunion! 60 years! Yikes!



  5. I am on the fence here….. I believe when you commit to something, you follow through. Sort of the ideal that mad my dad pounded into my head – your word is your bond. And at the same time the world of today and the world of our parents are two vastly different worlds. Also, there was a lot of media hype about Simone Biles heading into the Olympic – G.O.A.T. and all… I am not sure if that is at all healthy for an athlete and sometimes it’s simply better not to read the news. Not judging, but I believe the media has a way of making things seem BIGGER than they really are.

    I am pretty sure this ain’t witty, but hopefully thoughtful. Peace.

    • Thanks for the comment and visiting, Clay. I agree wholeheartedly that the sports media is somewhat complicit in this. But maybe there is something else going on in her life too. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt regarding their decisions about their health. You know, the old “walk a mile in their moccasins.” Have good evening.

    • I agree with you Clay. I feel like she quit. You made the commitment, you don’t quit. However, if she truly felt the team was better off without her at her best, then she probably did the right thing. But, when you spend your entire life for “this one moment,” you should give it your all even if you all isn’t 100%.

      And, mental health issues have always been swept under the rug so kudos to her for being honest about the “problem.” I think it took courage to go public with the decision right then and there. And, she could have faked an injury and hidden away in the locker room, but she didn’t. She admitted she wasn’t in her head (which could have led to injury.)

      I completely admire her as a person and an athlete. The world will always know what she DID do and was capable of doing even if she didn’t do it in competition. She completed routines way better than we’ll probably see again in a very long time. She set the bar VERY high, even for herself. That’s the downfall of being so darned good at what you do.

      This is a tough issue. I’m not sure there’s a true right or wrong answer.

      Patricia Rickrode
      w/a Jansen Schmidt

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