This just in………..

A recent report from Jordan states that a doctor performing a C-section on a patient somehow left his cell phone inside her after closing her up. There are conflicting views on whether this really happened (even Snopes) but since it was taken up in the Jordanian Parliament it’s probably true. The AMA reports that something is left inside a patient once every 5 to 7 thousand operations and there are about 50 million operations per year. The final verdict notwithstanding, I definitely feel this news should merit at least a limerick. I’ve titled this one:

Daddy, mommy’s tummy is vibrating

There once was a gal with a phone
That you might say was sort of “on loan”
She had just had a baby
And now it looks maybe
Like in her gut it was sewn.

It’s hard to believe, I’m aware
But the surgeon left his in there
Now when she takes snoozes
More contacts he loses
And his messages go who knows where.

The I-phone will dial or ring
Without her doing a thing
And if she jogs a small bit
Her electrolytes charge it
And when finished, it makes a loud ding.

If only our poor girl had known
The doctor was so mistake prone
She’d done natural birth
And then inside her girth
There would be no dial tone.

But there’s no need for her to be glum
For she may be luckier than some
If she decides on another
Little sister or brother
It can call when it’s ready to come!