If you give a dog a fish she eats for a day, if you teach a dog to fish, well……….

Yes, it finally happened. For the two years we have lived here, Queenie, our Labrador Retriever, has gone down to the beach with us almost every night during the summer. While we stroll along, she walks or swims in the water waiting for fish to jump. People often comment with wonder why she stays in the water instead of walking along side of us. We reply “she thinks she is going to catch a fish.” We all have a good laugh. Meanwhile, our little dog, Bella, spends her time rummaging through the sand trying to catch ghost crabs. When she tracks one down, they head for their hole and she starts digging.

As we were watching this crabbing ritual around dusk last night, a passerby screamed “that dog just caught a fish!” Queenie had snagged a Croaker right out of mid-air just as it jumped, presumably to avoid another fish predator. Little did it know there was a larger predator waiting. We missed the entire thing. But there she was, trotting out of the water with a struggling fish hanging out of her mouth. I know dogs aren’t supposed to express emotion, but this dog wore an unmistakable look of pride! I

Sadly, no one had a camera. So a rare event went totally undocumented. Queenie doesn’t care. I know, because when I went to her bed this morning to check on her there was a note on the empty cushion ….” gone fishin’ ”

Queenie "casting her net."

Queenie “casting her net.