Selfies….further proof that we’re descended from the apes.

Phone cameras…ya gotta luv ’em. Thanks to this technology we now have almost instantaneous access to world events as they are happening. We are able to see and talk to our families from afar as if we were right there. But as it is with all technologies, there is always a downside. That’s right, selfies. And thanks to social media, in the next year you will see thousands of selfies of people you don’t even know.

A recent article about a monkey going to court to determine whether his selfie picture copyright belongs to him or his owners got me to thinking. Maybe that often quoted statistic that we have 99% the same DNA as tree dwellers has some merit. But I contend that maybe the 99% bar is set a bit low:

May I present to you, the Plaintiff


The Defendant


The defendant’s father:


The defendant’s son:


The defendant’s sister:


The defendant’s best friend:


Believe it or not, this case has made it to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I’m guessing the Supreme Court will probably decline to hear this case.

Oh, and did I mention that selfies can sometimes lead to bodily harm?

Remember, don’t drink and selfie! (This public service announcement brought to you by your pal, Al)