My Wife Made Me All Flummoxed and Collywobbles

Since I have started using my blog for limericks my wife, Patty, has taken a renewed interest in helping me with topics. Today she sent me this link 150 Funny Words to Say Out Loud – InspireMore with a list of the crazy words we sometime use when we want to lighten up the mood. She challenged me to use some of them in my limericks. OK, she asked for it:

I’ll try my best to not ramble

I don’t want my readers to wamble

It’s not much of a struggle

To rhyme the word puggle

In fact, it’s quite fun when I gambol.


There once was a man who was puzzling

In truth he was truly bumfuzzling

He was kind a putz

Who would constantly futz

The fact is, he needed a muzzling.


He was strange, about that we can’t quibble

With him it was all piffle and bibble

His weak hippocampus

Made life caddywampus

He did nothing but dabble and dibble.


Patty sent me this kit and caboodle

To have stopped her would have been futile

I could have said no

But went with the flow

Since tonight I might want to canoodle.