Longevity…..it’s all relative.

Today is my 72nd birthday. I have many things to be thankful for….. good health, a wonderful, loving wife, two great kids, two beautiful granddaughters and financial security. Still, it is hard not to be retrospective on an occasion like this.

Not too many decades ago, my age was considered to be a good ways past life expectancy. But if you knew my family history, you would know how that is shockingly true for me even today. The men in my family seem to drop like flies. To give you some perspective on that, here is a synopsis of the number of years I have outlived the men in my modestly small family.

My maternal grandfather – by 34 years (died at 38)
My paternal grandfather –  by 28 years (died at 42)
My father – by 28 years – by 28 years (died at 44)
My uncle (my father’s only sibling) – by 13 years (died at 59)
My brother (my only sibling) – by 3 years (died at 69)

On the other side of the ledger, the women in my family seem to go on forever.

My mother lived to age 87
My maternal grandmother lived to age 87
My paternal grandmother lived to age 92
My paternal great grandmother lived to age 99.

When you see the statistics showing that women generally outlive men by several years, you can thank my family for their profound input to that ledger.

Anyway, you can see why I am so grateful for the full and blessed life I have had. Each day is truly is a gift, as they say. So on this, my birthday, I want to thank all my readers for sharing a part of my life with me and ask you, no, implore you, to join me in celebrating the gift we have all been granted today!


Not bad for 72 , eh?