>P. T. Barnum said it best…….


We’re human. We want to be liked. We want to be thought of as caring individuals. We are concerned about what our legacy might be. Though noble qualities, they also make us vulnerable. Less scrupulous people will take advantage of that. This is exactly what is happening with the global warming hoax.

Credit where it is due, Al Gore saw this vulnerability. Disappointed at the “ignorance” of Americans that couldn’t see that he was the obvious choice to lead us, he saw a way to turn this perceived ignorance to his advantage. Hence, the climate change scare. Joe McCarthy had similar insight and exploited it for all it was worth. Gore has cleverly set up global warming as the culprit for any atmospheric event that occurs. If there are more hurricanes than usual, it’s global warming. If there are less hurricanes, it’s global warming. If it’s hotter now – global warming. If it’s colder, – global warming! Floods? Global warming. Drought? Global warming. The list goes on. It’s as if these things had never happened before until Mr. Gore discovered them.

By enlisting the support of scientists who wanted to believe in this and ignoring any evidence to the contrary, he put together an admittedly polished presentation. And, much like the hula hoop of the 50’s, it became an instant craze. Never mind that it was later proven that these scientists had an agenda; this was gospel!

I have had the good fortune to befriend a retired professor of climatology. He has a PhD in meteorology, has published several books about human affect on weather and has even testified before congress on man’s intentional attempts to control the weather. He also has a special on the Discovery channel about animal communication, the study of which is an avocation of his.

He is saddened by how the scientific community has “sold out”, no longer doing  impartial research but looking solely for support of their own theories. Those who dissent from the climate change mantra are being blacklisted. For his part, he is not biased. He doesn’t speculate whether humans have or have not caused warming, but simply states there is no conclusive evidence either way!

As a layman, I can only think about what this planet has endured over the past billions of years. At one time or another the earth had been a ball of fire, a giant ice cube, and completely covered with water. The continents have smashed into each other and drifted apart again like an ongoing game of billiards. All of this without man’s help. Activity within the earth’s core or changes in the sun’s radiation couldn’t possibly have anything to do with warming, we and we alone are responsible.

Politicians are a clever lot. They know if they can make us feel guilty enough, we’ll do anything to assuage that guilt. Translated, that means part with our money. Politics is ALWAYS about power and money. You will see taxes and surcharges galore down the road. Cap and trade is only the tip of the melting iceberg.