>News Bulletin – – Cvillean named worst new blog of 2010!


This just in….the watchdog group “Society Overseeing Blogs” has just announced that the blog “Cvillean” has received it’s award for worst new blog of 2010. The group, called SOB for short, has deemed the blog to be totally unworthy of reading and an affront to literates the world over. Furthermore, that same SOB organization is lobbying congress to have the blog pulled from the internet as soon as they take it over.

In a statement released at the award presentation, a SOB spokesman¬† said ” this right-leaning blog is nothing short of an attempt to influence its readers against the United Socialists States of….er….uh………that is….. I mean, the United States of America and the current administration. We, as leaders of the many SOBs in this country, will never stand idly by and allow Americans access to this kind of tripe. It’s author, Big Al, if that’s his real name, would have you believe it is just an opposing viewpoint but believe us, it’s hogwash!”

A reporter covering the event asked the question “won’t this award bring added attention to the blog and maybe even increase its readership?” To which the SOB replied: “Hah! If it doubled his readership it would still only be up to 6.”

For his part, Big Al commented that he was quite honored by the award. “Up to now, I’d never won anything in my life”, he opined, “now a Pulitzer doesn’t seem like such a distant dream. The SOB has awakened in me a new awareness. That is, I can offend the left and actually get an award for it! To borrow a phrase, it just don’t get no better than this (sic).”

As he headed off for a well deserved New Year’s break he was heard to say: “I just hope the SOB keeps reading my blog!”

Happy New Year from Cvillean.