Hold onto your hats……. it’s my 100th blog!


Wow. The 100th blog. I knew from the start that this one was going to have to be special. I’d been lying awake at night trying to think of the best topic for such a momentous occasion. Just think 100 blogs! How could I possibly make this one worthy of all the readers who have loyally followed all the previous blogs. But I knew I would have to rise to the occasion.

One thing I knew for sure. It would have to be something that no one else had ever thought of doing. You know, something unique and exceptional. A blog that the readers would never forget. I researched and researched some more to make sure it would be about something that had never been covered before. Yet, it would still have to be topical to hold the interest of the readers.

At first I thought, what category should it pertain to?  Maybe I should make a new category. That would certainly get everyone’s attention. How long should it be? I certainly didn’t want to lose the readers by droning on and being repetitious.  And then I thought again, how long should it be?  I certainly didn’t want to lose the readers by droning on and being repetitious.And how could I make it be unique and exceptional?

Well, after so much thought, I began to think that maybe I was over-thinking this. Was it really important worrying about how long it should be? If it was good enough it would stand on its own merit no matter how long it was. So I finally quit worrying about how long it would be or if it might be repetitious. That didn’t matter.

Finally, the ideas began to gel. It was starting to come to me. I knew the very thing that would make it probably the best blog I had ever written. So now for my 100th. The one that will truly meet everyone’s expectations for this milestone.

Good grief! Look at the time! I’ve got to run ………..