Maybe there’s even more to rejoice about………

Bravo Zulu Mr. President!

He’s history. The only bad thing the vermin that was Bin Laden can do now is cause the ocean levels to rise. But the sharks will take care of that soon. There’s plenty of reason to rejoice. But if I can believe what I saw from President Obama last night, there may be another positive to this historic day. The President finally seems to be getting it.

He actually seemed proud of this country. In what was far and away his best speech ever (and dare I say one of the best ever), he lauded the Americans responsible for Bin Laden’s demise and this country for what it stands for. Yes, he actually said he believed America is a great country and will always do what it takes to stop terrorism. In somewhat prosaic rhetoric, he said what George Bush said in plain English. You screw with us; were coming for you! Great credit also for his courage in pulling the trigger that let the operation go forward. It could have turned out badly a la Carter’s rescue mission. He finally seems to understand that America’s image, as he sees it, takes a back seat to our security. Let’s hope that he doesn’t regress and apologize to someone for this righteous deed.

There’s a long way to go however. Now, having realized that America’s greatness is hard- earned by blood and bravery, he must adjust his thinking to that end. As he now understands, violence is as much a part of everyday life in this world as the next breath. Ever since the first Neanderthal obliterated another of his kind for trying to take his recent kill, man has come up with justification for killing man. Even the most unlearned among us are aware of the history of wars and violence that defines our human past. As long as we walk the earth this will be so. The secret is, be powerful enough to either deter it or to be on the winning side when deterrence fails. There’s nothing dishonorable about that. It’s nothing to apologize for. Sometimes it just takes occupying the Oval Office for a while to drive this point home.

President Obama can take a huge step forward after this. Now that he’s “aboard” on the issue of America’s preeminence he can change course to maintain it. I assure you his path toward socialism is not going to do that. This “we should be the same as every other country” thinking won’t help us and it certainly won’t help other countries that depend on our economic and military strength for stability. This is a defining moment for the President. He has finally taken on the mantle of real leadership. He is the spokesman for America’s pride and strength and he should run with it. Hell, he might even enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Maybe there’s even more to rejoice about………

  1. Well put. The reactions across America showed well-deserved praise for our troops (and our Seals should get a raise). He has to be listening to America now! We still should keep on top of this O-dude though, because I think he fits into the category of that other Democrat, “I loathe the military”…Clinton. Time will tell.

    • What I didn’t say (and should have) is that Obama’s success was due largely to his wise decision to follow the path laid out by Bush. By taking that tack he was able to get to this point. He can be thankful for using all the devices he railed against as a candidate. Hence my comment about “a little while in the Oval Office can be a real eye opener.”

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