Welcome wagon……..doggie style!

Well, we’ve finished our move, which is why I’m finally back on the blog pages trying to catch up with your blogs and get a post or two of my own in. It was a pretty smooth operation with little or no breakage (neither furniture nor any of our bones). We’re a long way from unpacked, but slowly but surely starting to see our way around the house (see pictures below).

We haven’t seen the Welcome Wagon yet…..well, that’s not exactly true. Our yellow lab, Queenie has. You see, there’s a small canal where our backyard ends. A very friendly hound, who lives in the house directly across the canal, decided to give Queenie a personal welcome. So she swam over to say hello. After the customary sniffing of butts and the perfunctory peeing on each others pee spots, they walked around together, surveying all the scents that the yard had to offer. It was a relatively short visit, but before leaving, the hound, Minnie, exhibiting a cordiality above and beyond, left a gift pack as a gesture of good will. I immediately retrieved the pooper scooper to officially accept the gift. Minnie would have stayed longer but she had a date with her family for an evening cruise around the lake.

Now I truly understand the meaning of the adage “It’s a dog’s life”.

30 thoughts on “Welcome wagon……..doggie style!

  1. I am amazed at the genialty of some dogs. My little guy barks at everyone and everything these days, even the guy who grooms him. He is a very nervous dog. I’d have a lab but cannot have a large dog in this house. My neighbor’s rescue beagle is very nice. Dianne

    • Small dogs tend to be a little more guarded around people. We’ve had a couple that were just like that. Queenie has a “manana” attitude. Wish I could be more like her.

    • Thanks Tilly Bud. Good to be back reading your funny blogs. Oops, that was sort of a compliment wasn’t it? I didn’t really mean it. (May I have a Malteser now?)

  2. I’m glad you’ve managed to move in without too much drama. I always think dogs know a lot more about hospitality than we give them credit for, and your story just shows that. So glad you managed to locate that scooper amongst all the boxes. Welcome to your new home

  3. Congrats on your move! The pictures are fabulous. Wish I could live on the water, too!
    Enjoy your new home! 🙂

  4. What a great new home..I am looking forward to seeing more pics, inside and out when you have settled.
    Minnie must have felt quite confident and happy about visiting you at such short notice and to even get left a gift…well that speaks for itself..you have been accepted

    Every Happiness in your New Home !! XXXXXXXXXX

  5. Oh my. Congrats on the beautiful home, and on Queenie’s new friend. I have a feeling that Minnie will be back. She’ll be a good friend to Queenie. That’s what beagles do! :o)

      • I am always a pushover when the word beagle is mentioned. I need to do a better job at hiding my preferred posts, huh? LOL. By the way, for the record, I never wanted a beagle. She is mine by reason of default (Whitney got married and left her here). I have since learned that they are one of the sweetest hounds around. Take care!

  6. OMG I think that is the sweetest thing, that she swam over! It looks like paradise Big Al, enjoy every second of it.

    Oh and I still have boxes in the garage from when we moved 4 1/2 years ago. 🙂

    • Hi Jodi. For some reason this comment went into spam and I just found it. I knew you would appreciate this. Queenie has already made several beach buddies, too. As for the boxes, yes 5 years sounds about right to finally unpack.

      • I thought it had gone to spam, and I figured you were a lot like me where you checked that spam frequently. 🙂 I don’t know why but some of the wordpress blogs were putting me in spam, usually once it has been approved it doesn’t happen again.

        By the way, you made a comment on the picture of the cat with the chipmunk (I think it was that photo) it shows up in the dashboard, but it doesn’t show up on the post? It’s making me nuts! LOL

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