My New Year’s Devolution…….

No, that’s not a typo in the title. Having fallen victim to the much used adage “be careful what you wish for”, I have abdicated all power and authority to a new arrival in our midst.

We had been pondering for some time whether we should get a “friend” for our 7-year old Labrador Retriever, Queen Abigail. You know, just to get her through the lonely times when we were out and about without her. Not that it was that bad. More likely than not, our trips out were because of  her. A walk on the beach, or over to the nice park near us, or the State Park just a few miles away were pretty much daily occurrences. She also has a nice big fenced backyard with a small body of water abutting it for her swimming pleasure. Still, those times when we had to leave her behind and endure those “hangdog” looks were excruciating. I always wondered where that expression came from. The picture below should give you some idea:


You mean you’re going out without me, AGAIN?

Enter Princess Bella. a 10 week-old Cavachon puppy from Gleneden Farms outside Washington, D.C. If you don’t know what a Cavachon is, you’re not alone as I didn’t either. It’s when you breed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Bichon Frise. It must harken back to olden times when England and France used to arrange royal marriages to solidify their alliance.

Anyway, this is where my New Year’s devolution comes in. It turns out that Bella not only provides Queenie with company, she pretty much now rules the roost as well. Where once I was free to cavort around on my own, watching sports, writing blogs, playing golf and pursuing other hobbies, I am now charged with puppy meals, potty training (including at 2:00 and 5:00 o’clock in the morning) and in general, guarding furniture, clothes and other valuables (including my very person) from the jaws of destruction. Thank goodness Patty thought to get a copy of the book Puppies for Dummies or we’d be lost. However, it is truly a labor of love as she is the sweetest, friendliest, cuddle-bug you’d ever want to meet. One look at that cute face and I immediately forget that I’m standing in the middle of a piddle.

Well, are you wondering if she and Queenie are friends now? I submit the following as evidence:

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I wish you all a Happy New Year. As you can see, I will certainly have one!