A Blog About Nothing……Hey, It Worked for Seinfeld.

I know you all remember the hugely popular show “Seinfeld.” Its premise was that it was about nothing in particular, just their everyday foibles. Here’s George Costanza pitching the idea of a show about nothing to producers.

Since this stay at home quarantine started (how many months ago, a hundred?) my brain seems to have shut down right along with my body. I can barely summon a thought outside of thinking when it is time to eat and time to nap. My blog and Facebook posts have slowed to a trickle. I’ve heard others of you say you’re going through the same thing.

I finally realized I can’t keep talking about masks and social distancing and infection numbers. Nor can I wait for some exciting happening to write about because my forced lifestyle is counterintuitive to that.

So, like Austin Powers before me, I’m going to get my Mojo back! I’m going to write about nothing. Just stuff that happens in our lives which with a little embellishment (OK, a lot of embellishment) might prove interesting to my readers. If I shoot for two or three posts a week maybe I can stop the bleeding of readers abandoning my sites.

So, here’s my first entry. I started a doggy daycare business. Alright, that’s my first really big embellishment. Here’s the actual story. A friend of Patty’s, Lauren, lives with a couple that breeds Cavalier King Charles dogs. We got to know the couple also. If you don’t know much about this breed, they are among the sweetest, cutest dogs in the world. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


This couple have six females that live with them which are bred at various intervals throughout the year.

This story is about one of them named “Diva”.

“Diva” is the Blenheim (Chestnut and White) closest to Lauren, prior to having her litter.


In March she had her first litter, six adorable pups.

Patty holding one of the litter.

Naturally, they were isolated from the pack and nursed by Diva for a good while. They were all purchased by loving families. Diva was soon introduced back to the pack. For reasons not yet fully understood, but most likely jealousy by the others, she was shunned and attacked by some in the pack. It was thought that this might be temporary, but it has not been. She is kept in her crate most of the day so she won’t be harassed by the others.

As Lauren related this tale to us we felt so bad about it we offered to let Diva stay with us and our pups during the day. At first the owners were skeptical, but did not outright refuse the offer. They are very careful about who handles their dogs and rightfully so. They are all AKC registered and show champions. They are worth thousands of dollars themselves not to mention the income that is provided by their offspring. The pups each sell for around $3000. As further enticement I wrote them a letter signed by both of us that we just wanted to help and would not make any legal claim to the dog.

Over the ensuing weeks, thanks to Lauren as our intermediary, we have broken the ice and the couple have relented to let Diva occasionally come over to us. The first few times it was just an hour or so to help her get acclimated, with Lauren as her “safety net.” She loves Lauren and tends to stay close to her. Our dogs were just fine with it as they always are with visiting dogs. Yesterday was the big day, we had our first chance to have her all to ourselves! For nearly five hours! We can tell she is really feeling at home here now and I think we might be seeing a lot more of her. If I get up the nerve, I might even ask them if we can have a sleepover with Diva!

Diva getting use to our digs with Lauren by her side.

Anyway, it’s been a welcome diversion from all the bad news, not to mention what qualifies as excitement in our lives in this day and age. And it made for a blog post!