Daily prompt

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

32 thoughts on “Daily prompt

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  2. It would take me 10 minutes to figure out where there is a timer in this house, then how to set it. You would think with all the clocks built into all the appliances here, one of them would have a simple timer…

        • there, you’ve taught me something.

          I’ve just been over to look up ‘excoriate’ as I’ve never known it used in that way.

          In nursing we describe skin as excoriated when it has a broken / grazed appearance. “Damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).”

          So know I know it can also be used to mean to “Censure or criticize severely.”

  3. I’m impressed, Al. Just coming up with that title must have taken a good chuck of your time. When the clock is ticking like that, the creative juices turn to Popsicles. Or is it just the sub-zero temps we’ve had up here in the North? 😉

    • Thanks, Lorna. I agree that the title was very clever and well thought out. It was rather painstaking; I consulted several dictionaries, thesauruses (the word kind – not the dinosaur kind) and rewrote it several times. I knew of all my readers that you alone would appreciate all that went into it. Here’s a preview of my next title….”Today’s blog”. Mums the word.

        • Thanks. Is there a Pulitzer for titles? I can only dream.

          P.S. I’m over 1/3 through the memoir (got distracted for a while). This is great Lorna. The description of the stuffing of the comforter and the feathers flying had me in tears! I promise when I finish, whenever that is, I will write a review for you. For now, I want to savor each reading session.

    • This is what the Daily Prompt suggested as a topic today. It was tailor made for those of us with chronic writer’s bloc. Of course, I could have posted the same thing if they had given me a couple of hours.

      • Where is the Daily Prompt? You know, I don’t know anything about WordPress. I do my thing, visit a select band of lovely blogging friends, and call it a day.

        I was just surfing around trying to find a homepage with Daily Prompts and such, but all I could find was WordPress.com, which seems to be the FP page without any general info at all, or a very generic WordPress.org page which is about businesses and corporate development.

        • Actually, I might have mislead you. It’s officially called the Daily Post and you can subscribe here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/. But someone like you, I daresay, will never, ever need it. You are way above the mundane and inane suggestions that come from these folks. Case in point, this post of mine.

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