16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

    1. Thanks. This is the type of thing we see every night when we walk the dogs on the beach (weather and clouds permitting, of course.)

      1. Clouds make all the difference… Sometimes the best sunsets have lots of clouds. Also the latitude affects the sunsets, they are a lot quicker nearer the equator

    1. We only get this type of sunset in the heart of the summer. Fall winter and spring, the sun is too far over to the left to hit the water.

  1. Cropped and stretched apparently. Nice job. At the northern end of that bridge lies the site of the colony that hived off Jamestown. The set up a saltworks there. My DIL is descended from those people as is my daughter via her father’s mother. Yes, the whole are is haunted with history. Dianne

    1. As I mentioned to Cindy, we only have the sun on the water for a while during the summer. But we make the most of it with dog walks almost every night.

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