Ode to Gems on the Water

Patty and I were sitting out on our dock this July 4th weekend as the sun was beginning to set on the lake toward the end of a lovely, partly-cloudy day. As we looked out, a wind began stirring up the water creating a scene that I had witnessed many, many times before. For some reason, I felt compelled to capture it in words this time. When water comes aglow it’s something we all marvel at but tend forget just as quickly as it happens. Perhaps this will help remind me of this serene moment on the next dreary day.

A sleepy lake, not quite awake, lingers calmly about,

Until a breeze, begins to tease, the magic soon to sprout.

Water awaits, the wind’s dictates, to transform it into glory,

The zephyr slight, now grows in might, the surface now its quarry.


A sparkling light, may soon delight, as the water starts to churn,

Conjuring caps, that will perhaps, provide a show in turn.

And then the clouds, do shed their shrouds, to welcome back the sun,

Its rays of gold, are soon unrolled, as it’s finishing its run.


It beckons now, the water’s brow, I cannot help but glance,

To see them link, in perfect sync, to start their gilded dance.

It’s soon aglow, this glittery show, as beams ignite the waves,

A sea of jewels, now nature’s tools, a scene my mind engraves.


How it shines, these watery spines, as diamonds in display,

In every place, doth beauty grace, a visual buffet.

I am enraptured, that I have captured, this truly wondrous sight,

But soon the sun, its day’s work done, retires for the night.