Weekly photo challenge….Grand

Grand…definition: 1.”behavior that is impressive and ambitious in scale or scope” 2.”Large and impressive in physical size or extent.”


Riddle – “How many pigeons can fit on a pedestal bird feeder?” Answer – “We’re still trying to count. Can you help?” (Picture taken by my granddaughter, Katie.)

12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge….Grand

  1. The pigeon’s version of “how many can you get into a phone booth, VW, etc.” I think you can fit a few more, I’ll send some over with your pumpkin pie.

    • I just happen to have a pigeon dispersing device too. Her name is Bella and she is 20 pounds of pure pigeon-hating megalomania who thinks she can take on a whole flock with one canine tied behind her back.

  2. Well I spent a little time looking at it wondering what it was, and considering the need for additional coffee to awaken my eyesight, as it’s only 1.43 in the afternoon but, finally I realised that was a seagull there, and then quite a lot of seagulls, and then quite possibly, some kind of party for seagulls with catering. Clearly they are having quite a good time with not too much squabbling.

    • This is kind of like the fox in the hen house….a whole lot of commotion, but not many eggs getting laid (or in this case, food getting eaten).

      Sipping my coffee too…ain’t it great?

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