All hail my wife’s ingenuity!

OK, I know what you’re thinking, she married me so she has to be smart. But it’s more than that. She has casually invented the perfect feeder to outwit the plethora of paunchy, purloining pigeons that patrol the platform.

This is our pedastal feeder: (click pictures to enlarge)


Problem: This is our pedastal feeder right after we refill it:


This is a bird-cage my wife bought at a yard sale:


Solution: Now this is the feeder right after we refill it:


As you can see, the pigeons can no longer get at the food, except for what spills out. Right now you’re pondering to yourselves, “But what about the other birds like the wrens and finches that you want on the feeder?” I’m glad you pondered, for as you can see below, most of the other birds are small enough to hop through the grating and feast to their heart’s content:


“But surely the bigger birds like cardinals and blue jays can’t fit through the bars”, you exclaim, with great angst. “Aren’t you being a bit selective?” Rest easy, all ye of little faith, for my wife’s genius prevails. She pried open two of the bars wide enough for those birds, while still excluding the pesky plump pigeons, who should be at the local park with their brethren anyway, soliciting popcorn from bench-warmers. (Proof below):


Of course, there is always a species or two that are reluctant to enter the cage, but they can still enjoy an occasional repast thanks to Patty’s perfectly planned paucity of pigeons. Witness the red-bellied woodpecker below:


So that’s it. You see, necessity may be the mother of invention, but it takes a grandmother’s creativity to seal the deal!

As for my contribution, I’m going to put a fish in the cage to see if I can get this guy up to the feeder:


I’ll let you know how that works out.