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  1. I’d leave this message in another form, if I could find your email address. I want to thank you for mentioning the Sultana. I am now in an infinite regression,and trying to link up my ancestor’s movements. Apparently, he was in Ohio, drafted into a unit charged with protecting the railroad in TN, found his unit overrun by Jubal Early, captured, sent to Andersonville and some how ended up being mustered out of the Army from Arkansas. According to what I have read so far about theSultana, it was carrying troops from New Orleans to Ohio in 1865. Many as you mentioned,had recently been released from Andersonville. Some if the survivors ended up in Arkansas. Now I need to figure out if Jason or J. H. Was one of them. I shoulda made this research a dissertation.

    And here’s me who has avoided most material on the Civil War since I studied it as an undergraduate 40 years ago.

    • No problem. I’ll take any stat I can get….short or long. Here’s my email. vahood@cox.net. Email anytime you need a history fix.

      I’ve got some interesting history with Civil War prisoner camps myself. I am originally from Elmira, New York. There was a union prisoner camp there for the last two years of the war. It quickly earned the nickname “the Andersonville of the north”. I was told by family word of mouth that I had ancestors in the local militia there that had guard duty at the camp. I have never researched that, but you are starting to inspire me.After the war, the camp was constructed again as the Elmira Reformatory, the first of its kind in the nation, which used rehabilitation as a theme rather than harsh punishment. It is now known as the Elmira Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison with over 1800 inmates. Doesn’t get the press that Sing Sing and Attica got, but it’s a nasty place with high profile hardened criminals.

  2. That’s Ralph Waldo Emerson and one of my favourite quotes. So true too, if we seek happiness for ourselves it will elude us, seek it for others and we all get sprinkled. Your posts are always a delightful sprinkle for me Al. x

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