“The Arthritis Shuffle” ….. a poem.

I’m never quite sure when arising
As it’s always a wee bit surprising
Will I hobble or limp
Will I look like a gimp
Or be ready to start exercising?

It’s difficult knowing which bit
Of this aging body might quit
Will the back or the hip
Make me stumble or trip
Or is the knee why I’ll sit?

I never know with my frame
Which joint today will be lame
When they give me concerns
They like to take turns
Making it seem like a game.

My first step is anyone’s guess
And I really have to confess
It’s actually fun
To find out which one
Will be able to handle the stress.

Yet still I walk and I play
Enjoying and loving each day
For all I’ve withstood
Life is still good
So arthritis will not have its way!


Al Hood 2016