The Joys of Senior Living…. A Poem

There’s a kink in my neck

But I say what the heck

At least it moves around some.


And my back has a catch

That works like a latch

But still that won’t make me glum.


To the left of my waist

A hip was replaced

So it gives me trouble no more


But the knee isn’t strong

And I know before long

A new one will soon be in store


The hearing is bad

But with captions, I’ve had

A new lease on life in the main


But there’s problems below

With a sore hammer toe

That causes occasional pain


The hair’s falling out

‘Til there’s nary a sprout

Long gone is my beautiful mane.


And the ticker skips beats

And then it repeats

Which practically drives me insane.


Arthritis now darts

Through most of my parts

Reminding me often of age


And it makes me feel humble

When sometimes I stumble

With words I use to engage.


But despite the above

When push comes to shove

Things could always be worse.


I’m still riding around

To wherever I’m bound

Without the need of a hearse!


Al Hood 2019