The 2016 election has it all….except substance, that is….

The other day I thought I had accidentally tuned into a porn channel. Actually, it was a well-known news station. They were talking about the Presidential candidates. More specifically, they were talking about crotch grabbing, fondling, rape and misogyny.

The Democrats were talking about the recently released video which recorded Donald Trump talking about how easy it was to sexually harass when you’re rich and famous. He said he was sorry. But it comes off more as one of those “sorry I was caught” apologies.

For their part, the Republicans were labeling Hillary Clinton as “Chief Enabler” for her part in covering up her husbands sexual indiscretions while serving in public office. They paraded out the lineup of his supposed rape victims with their salacious stories.

With these caricatures running for President, the news should be scheduled opposite the Saturday morning cartoon shows.

Meanwhile, the world laughs.


25 thoughts on “The 2016 election has it all….except substance, that is….

    • That is, unless she is complicit in threatening and making the victims lives intolerable for political gain. If you believe she is not capable of that, you are not paying attention.

      • I have followed the Hillary Clinton since their days in ARK and the caricature the Trump campaign presents of Hillary is a fiction. In other words, Trumps fantasy is no Hillary. (Trump is being coached by Breitbart and Ailes, that says everything to me)

        Karen Tulmulty, a very balanced reporter, recently wrote a long article on the vast right wing conspiracy that has tried to destroy the Clintons, especially Hillary since the 1970s.

        PS I was so offended by Bills behavior, I voted for Bob Dole when Bill ran for reelection. And continued voting Republican until Trump.

        There is a difference between consensual sex and assault.

        • You are ignoring the very signs that point to her corruptness. We don’t need conspiracy points to see what she has done. She broke the law regarding the emails. She told us to vote for her because we need someone with experience to handle that 3am call. Well it came in, from Benghazi…you know the rest. She was fired from the Watergate panel for lying. She fired the travel office as First Lady to put in her friends. She was forced to rehire them. These are but a few factual things that go to her character or lack thereof. She may very well be the best of the two by resume, but if you’re talking about integrity. she finishes dead last.

          • The call for Benghazi came at 9 AM and was handled by The White House. Earlier, the State Dept had requested more money to increase security at many embassies but was denied the funds by the Republican controlled Congress.

            Re Benghazi, various congressional committees have held hearing after hearing on this topic and concluded there is no there there.

            Re emails, I agree with Bernie Sanders. The FBI director appointed by Bush could bring no case against her because there is none. For carelessness, she has apologized. There is much more I could say, however, writing asI am with a stylus is very painful as I have a fractured shoulder.

            The hiring and firing at the travel office involved civil servants. Firing civil servants is almost impossible. Most people want their own loyal staff around them, especially if they find themselves following what they perceive a hostile former administration.

  1. These are grievous times we are living through, my friend. Our political system appears in shambles, our politicians self serving and greedy, and no one has a clue how to make it better. I stopped laughing long ago.

    • There are alternatives. For you, probably Jill Stein. For me, probably Evan McMullen. If we don’t start saying no to these misfits, it will never change.

  2. I have never been a fan of politicians but the US is heading for meltdown if Donald Dump makes the cut. Can you imagine him representing you on the world stage… at a G7/8 or UN conference? A child in third grade would do better.

    • You are right, Marie. Trump has no diplomatic skills that I can see. On the other side of the ledger you have a career politician who is one of the most corrupt, lying, and manipulative pols ever to come along. A vote for her is giving legitimacy to politicians of this ilk. I think many are going to vote a third party or write-in to show our disgust at the choices. I know I am. Perhaps in 2020 we will have two solid citizens as candidates, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Oh my Bro, we’re not laughing, we are watching in growing alarm. This can’t be real? Maybe, just maybe, this needed to happen to show that politicians do not represent the people. We are watching the worse aspects of humanity play out on the world stage and our hearts are with you. Old Gary ‘third option’ not knowing where or what Allepo was, just put the tin lid on it!! I vote for you everytime…hugs ❤

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