The 2016 election has it all….except substance, that is….

The other day I thought I had accidentally tuned into a porn channel. Actually, it was a well-known news station. They were talking about the Presidential candidates. More specifically, they were talking about crotch grabbing, fondling, rape and misogyny.

The Democrats were talking about the recently released video which recorded Donald Trump talking about how easy it was to sexually harass when you’re rich and famous. He said he was sorry. But it comes off more as one of those “sorry I was caught” apologies.

For their part, the Republicans were labeling Hillary Clinton as “Chief Enabler” for her part in covering up her husbands sexual indiscretions while serving in public office. They paraded out the lineup of his supposed rape victims with their salacious stories.

With these caricatures running for President, the news should be scheduled opposite the Saturday morning cartoon shows.

Meanwhile, the world laughs.