How’s The View From There?

Yesterday, I was made aware by WordPress that my blog surpassed 100,000 views. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my two truly dedicated readers for visiting almost 50,000 times each. WP claims I have around 500 followers, but once you eliminated the ones who are trying to sell me something it comes right back down to the dynamic duo.

While I’ve dropped off in the number of blogs posted per year since I started 11 years ago, I think the quality has improved. Let’s face it, it had nowhere else to go, but up. And while, like most of you, I was stat crazy at the beginning (see here) I have learned to live with the rejection and not let it affect me. The hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent in self-image counseling has really paid dividends.

When I see some bloggers with many thousands of followers, I wonder two things. Either there are a lot of people trying to sell them things or I really need to up my game. So I’m reaching out to all my once and done visitors…..what would you like to see me write about? I’ve often heard the phrase “sex sells.” I would consider writing about sex but before I did I would have to seriously read up about it. And what about the new genders? I have even less experience with them. I could write more about sports but not everyone is interested in that. I might lose half my readership, although as I think about it, with just one follower we could just text each other about last night’s game and not have to write blogs. How about politics? That would be a safe subject with little risk of alienating anyone. Americans are great about hearing the other guy’s viewpoint and reaching a consensus. Anyway, send me your suggestions.

One last idea. You know how every once in a while you post a blog that you really weren’t that happy about. You get that accursed “publisher regret” feeling of “why did I write that, nobody is going to like it.” You know the kind, like the one you’re reading now. Next time, send it to me and I’ll publish it in my blog. Chances are my readership will increase many fold! You know what they say “One person’s trash is another person’s best blog.”

As further incentive to get you to return, for the first new reader who returns to my blog a second time, I will split the money with you that I save by canceling my next counseling session!

Big Al

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