Hello. Are you there? (Part Two)

Hi again. I posted this following blog a few days ago after moving my site:

Hello. Are you there?

I’m baaack!

Just an follow-up post to find out if you all enjoyed the journey to my new site. If you’ll post a quick comment I will know that the trip was successful and you arrived on schedule.

If you experienced any nausea, I apologize for the bumpy ride. I’ve never driven one of these before. Any problems with scratches, bumps or bruises should be directed to my complaint department link at: youknewthetripwasdangerouswhenyousignedup.com.


Your pal, Al

Apparently I had a lot more work to do since many of you did not get it. In addition, if you did, you couldn’t comment without signing in with name and email. Also, you weren’t able to “like.” I believe I have corrected those errors. (Thanks Margy at https://gogreygirl.wordpress.com for pointing this out.) I urge all of you to comment if you find anything about this new setup problematic or infuriating. I am slowly learning the in and outs of self-hosting and promise you I will tweak when I need to (no, not that kind of tweaking, you perverts.) Actually, I’m kinda having fun learning this as well as more about WordPress.

Another reminder; I go in early Tuesday morning (17th) for hip replacement surgery. I don’t know how long it will be before I am lucid and strong enough to post, but I hope not too long. I have some blog ideas and am anxious to work on them.

And again, thanks for your patience.