And the Heavens Cried…..

I am glad to inform my followers that all my family here in Virginia Beach are safe today. But our hearts ache for those families that will mourn today and forever more.

Another senseless mass murder occurred here last evening at the municipal center of this fine city. An unhappy employee shot up the public works building and killed 12 innocent bystanders, wounding several others. The police headquarters sits in an adjacent building so they dispatched the perpetrator as quickly as possible or the toll would have been higher, unimaginable as it is already.

This has always been a scary world, especially so since homo sapiens became the dominant species. This is another of the mindless malcontents who feel the need to express anger by killing those he/she imagine have wronged him/her.

Happening this close to home gives pause to reflect for those of us knew these fine people in our public service, whose only failing was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am sad that life is so unpredictably cruel. There is little we can do if a person wants to harm others, whether it is by gun, knife, bomb, arson, airborne poison or any of the other myriad ways we can do evil to our fellow man. We can only combat it with love and concern for each other on a one to one basis and the promise they will pay it forward.

My next door neighbor summed it up best. This morning we woke up to thunder and heavy rain in our area. She said it sounded to her like a collective moaning and weeping from all over Virginia Beach.

May the future tears of humankind here and all over the world be only tears of joy from this moment forward.