Fleet Exodus!

On our morning beach walk today we witnessed one of the lesser known effects of a hurricane bearing down. The Navy ships are putting out to sea. The Navy has ordered all the ships based in Norfolk to deploy to ride out the hurricane, as it looks to sideswipe us here in Virginia Beach. Given the early departure they will be able to make a rendezvous point well outside the cone.

The pictures, though not too sharp, show a few of the warships traversing the Chesapeake Bay toward the Atlantic. We saw 7 of the many ships make the journey just during our walk. They were mostly destroyers and frigates but there was one super carrier, I believe it was the USS Harry S. Truman.

It provided a bit of nostalgia for me as I was stationed here with the Navy in the mid-sixties. I made this same sortee on a number of occasions. It was during that time I met and married my beautiful beach walking partner.

As for us land-lubber types, we are hunkered down and waiting…

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