This just in……”thecvillean” retires the trophy!


“Unprecedented!”  “Unbelievable!” “Sets blogging back several years!”  These are just some of the reactions from experts after the announcement by the Society Overseeing Blogs (SOB), made at their annual awards gala last night, that they will no longer be presenting the “Worst Blog of the Year” award.

If you’ve been following these awards, then you are aware that Big Al’s blog, thecvillean has earned the award the last 3 years running. Actually, the first award was “Worst New Blog of 2010.” Then last year he followed that up with “Worst Blog of 2011.” You can read about those awards at these links:  (2010) and (2011).

Along with announcing that thecvillean again won the award going away in 2012, the SOB said that they will be “retiring” the trophy. This is an excerpt from the SOB spokesman: “In earlier years when we were judging these blogs, it was always a difficult decision trying to ferret out the worst of the trash that appears in print at WordPress and other blog sites. However, since “thecvillean” first appeared in 2010, he has raised the bar of languid writing to the point that it is now unapproachable by other bloggers. The truth is, the tripe that Big Al has been inflicting on the unsuspecting readers at WordPress in the name of legitimate composition requires a pejorative that has yet to be coined. It is pointless for us to continue this award when the results are obvious the moment Big Al first puts his hands to the keyboard. We should have expected this when we first saw his blog title with run together words and misspellings. And to think, he wonders why he never gets Freshly Pressed. Duh?”

In accepting the trophy, Big Al, still clueless and with his typical humility, thanked the SOB and announced his intent to concentrate more on his poetry. As he put it: “now that I have reached my goal prose wise, there is a whole new world to conquer.” He capped the evening’s festivities by reading his first offering from his renewed effort in verse:

Roses are red, violets are blue
Prose was easy and so is poetry.


Big Al arriving for his trophy in his customary attire.

In related news, subscriptions to WordPress’s poetry sites dropped precipitously today!