First, a misspent youth……now this.

This may be the biggest con job since I convinced my parents (I think) that my time in the local pool hall during my university years was actually furthering my education. I was sure it was giving me a more rounded “self” by exposing me to the real world and was a good balance to the insulated elitism found in college classrooms. In fact, I referred to it as “The Academy of Spherical Arts.”

Anyway, the point of all this is to convince you, my readers, that on this first anniversary of my blog, that you have not totally wasted your time. I prefer that you think of it as time invested for dividends yet to be paid. Kind of a Ponzi blog as it were. A blog where you sort of hang on through the drivel, thinking to yourself “if I quit now, I might miss the ultimate blog where Big Al finally explains the meaning of life. Certainly they don’t call him Big Al for nothing, do they?”

The good news is, for users, my first six months of blogging were over on so you have only recently had to endure my misguided opinions, sorry attempts at humor and devious machinations. The bad news is, when I switched to all my other blogs came with me. More good news though, you don’t have to read them.

So thanks. Thanks for sticking it out and giving me encouragement in hopes that it would actually inspire me to write something decent. And for coming back again when it didn’t. And so, to kick off the second year of literary suffering and for your undying loyalty, I give you a teaser on the meaning of life:

“It’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.” – Alfred E. Neuman